Windshield or the bug?


“Oh dear God!” I’m the bug on the windshield again!

So you think you wear the white hat all the time? Close examination will reveal a smudge or two. Busted again! Don’t you hate it when we can’t wiggle out of the pile of junk we just created? Now we have to take responsibility and clean up our mess or keep scrapping our butts off the windshield of life.

They say the first sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Do you resemble this remark? Are you guilty of committing the same crime of self-punishment over and over? Do you need to have the gear shift on your mouth adjusted?

You’ve been meddling again haven’t you? In your crazy version you just wanted to help them understand how wrong they were. Granny always said: “Good intentions pave the road to Hell.” It can also be the highly contagious, ‘Mouth in Gear before the brain finishes a thought’ virus.” I have noticed this contagion spread virally through an office. One sniff of this virus guarantees a ride on the windshield of a Subaru.

How to be the windshield and not the bug: (It’s a no-brainer.)

Mind your own business! Good work ethics! Love unconditionally! Honor yourself and others! Faithful partner at work and home! Tithe time and resources! Smile!

Before we judge anyone we need to see how their moccasins feel as we climb down from the windshield.

Love and Light…Alexandra Alexander