Why do we have to get old to get smart?

head shot4Find people with wrinkles if you want a clue about life. If you need guidance ask someone with a little history under their belt.

People with wrinkles have touched that hot burner more than once and know the warning signs. This is good advice for everyone; students, wives, husbands, bosses, anyone that receives a paycheck. 

Wrinkled people will tell you where to park your mind to be content. When we live in the past we interfere with the structure of positive creation in our world. The future keeps creating the past when we choose not to live in the present.

When we choose to worry about what has happened in the past we create more of the worry. (Not a good thing!)

Hug your granny today or someone else’s granny. Live in gratitude for chocolate chip cookies and Chunky Monkey ice-cream. Life is good. Love and Light…Alexandra Alexander