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book-cover-colorful2-2For many years, I have been drawn to light and energy.  I would like to teach you how to open your world to the experience of Light Energy.  In other words, “Light Management”.  Every day we experience light in all forms. How we interpret this light, is how we manage our life. Stay tuned.  I’m so glad you’re here.



Recognizing the Light

Their is an energetic encodment within the Light around us and we are drawn to like vibrations.  In other words whatever frequency we emit is the frequency we are destined to connect.  If you have issues in your world, if things aren’t going well, you could have your Light plugged into low vibrational Light that is far from beneficial.   How do we change the circumstance?   We up-plug from our current position and plug back into a higher vibrational Light.   Really, it’s that simple!  Recognizing that something is off in our world and needs to change sends our Light in a more beneficial directions.  In fact we can see what’s really going on if we take responsibility for what’s happening and just ask for direction.

There is an intelligence in all Light and that intelligence will cooperate with your Light and give assistance whenever needed.  You have to recognize the Light and give acknowledgement to the Light that you wish to connect.  Once connected your Light becomes the Light you have acknowledged and you then have access to all intelligence and powers within the Light you have called forth.

Always express gratitude to the Universal Light for each action you take when connecting to The Light of God.



4 thoughts on “Welcome To My Psychic Light

  1. Alexandra’s compassion for humanity, willingness to share, and patience to teach amazes me every time I see her beautiful glowing smile. The synergistic way in which she invites others to participate and encourages input is the true essence of guidance from a great teacher. Alexandra is very much an inspiration for all who truly seek understanding of themselves and the interconnectivity of Light management involved in everyday life.
    In Peace,
    Larran S.

  2. Thank you Larran for the kind words that a teacher loves to hear. Teaching is sharing the Light of the Universe in a way the receiver understands the message.
    The Light you anchor in this life time is greater than many and grows with every spin of Earth Mother. You are the example of pure Love and Light…Peace today and always…Alexandra

  3. This site is wonderful, Alexandra! I look forward to learning more from you and growing in the light and energy you share.


  4. Alexandra!

    I know when things aren’t going right in some area of my life, I need to make a phone call! Get rid of that interference! Thank you for helping me change my life!


    Christin (Your Pittsburgh friend!)

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