The Goddess is Awake

The Goddess is awake and she is among you…she is in the mirror in front of you.  She is ready to embrace change…are you ready to embrace your Goddess?  The planets are arranging themselves in configurations that haven’t been seen for years.  We are moving into the center of the Galaxy and it’s time to recognize that something is different.  The slumbering within needs to stop and you must open your eyes to the difference in your world. 

How do you recognize your Goddess!  You wake up one morning and know that your life has been a lie.  You have the disturbing thought that someone or something else has been directing your life up until now.  Has this all been illusion?   How did this happen?  Where was my Goddess all this time?  Carl Jung gave us clues years ago with the teachings of Archetypes.  Archetypes: A Universal pattern, a stencil of consciousness that we all recognize.  A language in which our unconscious is fluent.  Think about the Archetype of mother.  Do you fit the patterns locked in place for this Archetype?  NO! If you have a profession that takes you out of the home you probably don’t fit this pattern so stop trying to be the ideal woman…the ideal mother.  Being like June Cleaver is never going to happen because she is a fictional character.  It’s time to stop trying to hold onto your youth and allow yourself to slip into the shoes of the Crone.  Society needs this new imprint of the powerful Goddess so women can step out of the mold and be their true wise selves, creating a new format for others to follow.  We have tried so hard to be the round peg that slips nicely into the (w)hole of society.  It’s time to see your perfection through the eyes of your Goddess.  She will break the mold of the archetypes that society created and rewrite her own laws for living. 

Do you hear yourself saying; I can’t be a Goddess I’m not pretty!  I want to look like Barbie!   Listen up ladies, Barbie is plastic and stiff and is another Archetype that makes women feel they have to fit a certain mold to make it in life.   Being the Goddess is about seeing the beauty within, not the Barbie image that society has created.  Why wait for the wisdom that comes with age? Why not open pathways to that part of you where wisdom dwells today?  With whom do you associate and what are their thought patterns?  Chances are you are thinking the same as those with whom you associate.  The Goddess takes charge of her thoughts and makes her own decisions because she knows she has choices in life.

Where do you look for wisdom?  Find a Goddess with a few wrinkles and listen to her words because she doesn’t have a hidden agenda in the outcome and will tell you the truth.  You may not like what you hear at that moment, but you will thank her later.  Her words will ring true in your heart long after the two of you have parted.  She could fill the pages of a book with guidance on what you should avoid and which wonderful experiences you should embrace.  She would probably tell you to use the linen tablecloths when the kids are small.  She might tell you to take time to express your creative self every day as you sing, dance, and laugh through life.  Rub the sleep of illusion out of your eyes and start your Goddess journey today!

Honor the women who have come before you and struggled to be filled with Love and Wisdom as they embrace their Goddess within; those who have been open to the voices of the Universe tapping into the cosmic resonance of Free Will.   How will the young women among us know if we don’t join together spreading the word by speaking the Goddess language of Love and Wisdom?  It’s our responsibility as awakened Goddesses to give our sleeping sisters a nudge and tell them to arise for the time is nigh.  Give up the Sleeping Beauty thought form and stop waiting for the handsome prince to save you.  It’s time to put on our Goddess warrior attire!  It is not necessary to use our swords but it’s nice to know we have them if they are needed.


 Come and meet your Goddess on October 23 & 24 at the Hampton Inn in Green Hills-Nashville, TN.

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