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A Necessary Tool to Access the Unconscious Mind.

Learn the Language of the Cards…How to speak Tarot

 Weekend Intensive “An Experiential Adventure”

2016 Workshop Dates: October 15 & 16

Saturday,  10:00-5:00pm

Sunday,  10:00-4:00

Early Bird Registration $199.00…At The Door $225.00

Call or email to reserve your space:


call 615-849-2530

Comments on the Tarot Class:

Alexandra was fabulous as always…Rosemary

Best event ever! So organized. Truly a beautiful Spirit. Learning so much about the Tarot. Looking forward to her other classes. Stacy

Reading for others and teaching Tarot already. Alexandra is the best…Jeff

This is a class that you will love because you leave understanding how to interpret the cards.  I have designed a simple repetitive approach in comprehending and retaining what the cards mean.  We get to know the Court Cards on the first day of the workshop.  We meet the Kings and associate each King with a personality of someone we know.  If you can put a known face on your Court Cards they will become your family.  Surly you know someone loving and kind, maybe your doctor that reminds you of the King of cups; someone that can be understanding and trusting; that gives wise council? 

I think of the King of Wands as Frank Sanatra, a self made man with certain abilities.  So when he comes up in a spread the song, “I did it my way” rings in my ears.  See what I mean.  If you get to know the personalities of the courts you will have an easier time interpreting the cards in a spread.  The pages are someone young, girl or boy that is searching to find their way and needs lots of guidance.  The knights are out on an adventure and ready to assist you in making decisions based on your question and the Queens are their to help you bring forth that power within that already has a lot of answers. Queens can be you or someone influencing you, good or bad, according to the question.  If the Queen of Pentacles comes up in a reading about your son’s girlfriend, lookout, she may be a gold digger, looking for money and not love.  The Kings are more grounded and matter of fact and will assist in helping you understand who is influencing you good or bad, according to the question. 

Come and have fun as you find out old meanings of the cards that are not found in  books.  When you receive the page of cups and ace of cups take a deep breath if you are of child bearing age.  Sometimes the Empress and Queen of cups can mean pregnancy, according to the question, especially if the page is close by. Oops!

.  Did you know four ten’s in a spread means a long journey over the Big Waters.(Other Countries)

Did you know that three eights in a spread means a serious decision that will bring life changing effects; deciding to divorce, change occupations etc.  You will not be able to ride the fence anymore, you have to take door number one or door number two.  Eight is the sign of infinity with two openings. God help you if you have four eight’s turn up, because the decision is totally out of your hands; it’s been made by a Higher Power!

The classes are a lot of fun and you go away with new tools for your next adventure.

(Attending additional classes not required…although beneficial in mastering the Tarot.)

Provided in class: 75 page training manual containing information gathered from 19 years of Tarot experience, countless books, reference materials and Tarot friends.  You will find this very convenient to use as an informational source.

We will be using the Rider-Waite Tarot deck for most instruction since it is the most universal deck.

It’s a fun and informative course that will put you on the fast track to new adventures in your life…Read for yourself or earn extra money reading for others.  Most shops charge $2.00 a minute for a reading.
Workshop Location 2113 Dilton Mankin Road, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Call Alexandra to reserve you space 615-849-2530


3 thoughts on “Tarot Made Easy

  1. My gf Cara and I definitely want to take your tarot class in July. Please let us know the cost and time
    Since we will be driving from Knoxville. 865 295 0123
    Thank you,
    Heidi and Cara

  2. Heidi, Thanks for inquiring about the Tarot Class. We had so many positive things said about the last class. Most everyone in the class felt as though they were ready to read for others. Some just want to read fro themselves. One girl even did reading at our psychic Expo we had in Nashville.
    This is a fun weekend that puts you in touch with a different intelligence associated with reading the cards. You will be astonished by how well you learn this easy process.
    The weekend charge is only $75.00 for the class and $10.00 for the workbook that I have created filled with lots of valuable information.

  3. Heidi, I am not sure if you will get two emails or not. I touched something and on the keyboard and disappeared before I was finished.
    The cost of the weekend is only $75.00 plus an additional $10.00 for the workbook that’s filled with all the information you will love to have at your fingertips.
    The dates are July 27th and 28th. Please email me at my home email charart1@gmail.com and let me know that you have received the information.
    Love and Light…Alexandra

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