Healing Services


In Person-Private Session with Alexandra

Benefits of Healing on a Quantum Level 

1. Releases Emotional Pain.

2. Unplugs you from Toxic Situations.

3. Assists you in Recognizing the Illusions of Life.

4. Regain your Personal Power.

5. Restores Calm, Peace and Tranquility in your world.

6. Your session includes a personal CD that activates the new programs installed in the subconscious during your session.

What to expect: A short interview beforehand reveals what needs to be addressed during a Quantum Reiki session.  The conscious mind hears, but the subconscious heals.  Accessing the subconscious is an easier avenue to reach your destination of healing while in a meditative state.
Call for your Private Session  615-849-2530                   
Approximately 1 1/2 hours  $105.00
Each sessions comes with a CD copy of your meditative release that assists you in reprograming the subconscious.  
 Email: Alexandra@Energy-Teacher.com

Distance Healing Session

Distance Healing Session  1 hour $85.00   Please Call for an Appt: 615-849-2530
Same benefits as a private session in the office, but we are connected by the phone.
Distance healing is working in the Field of God Light through something like a wormhole. Distance doesn’t matter when working with God Light. It connects you to another from great distances and allows the frequency of healing to take place. I have family in Pakistan and work with them daily and I live in Tennessee (USA). (It’s working in the field of quantum reality.)
After I have placed the subject in a tube of “Light” I then view their image on a blank wall.  They appear to me in holographic form. I then proceed to communicate with the intelligence within the “Light” that will allow me to interact with any” Light” that needs a correction.
The clients main job is to believe that it’s possible and send thanks and gratitude to the Intelligence of God already in their presence.

 Email: Alexandra@Energy-Teacher.com





Health Scans

A trained  healer with sight can see and feel when your “Light” is not working at it’s optimum level.  I work with the “Light” body through the layers of the subtle body that reflect trapped or negative energies in the physical aspect. Moving  the trapped energies allow pure “Light” to  enter and restore the correct vibrational “Light” allowing the body to communicate with it’s own autonomic healing system bringing you back into alignment.
There is an energetic system that is invisible inside and outside of the body, the outside is referred to as the subtle aspect of your holographic image.  Some refer to this aspect as the aura, but it is much more than the auric field as there are layers of energetics, when viewed by someone with the spiritual gift of sight, reveals areas where the “Light” is dysfunctional. When your “Light” is diminished to a low vibrational frequency it shows up to the healer as a cloudy color that is usually a darker image of the true frequency color.
Health Scans…40 minute session $75.00  Appointment Call: 615-849-2530
Email: Alexandra@Energy-Teacher.com





Clearing Energetic Life Streams

Having trouble with relationships, abundance issues, emotions?  Let us look at each associated “Life Stream” while working through your Higher Self and clear away all unnecessary baggage freeing you to live a more productive life. This works well with Distance Healing. For additional information and your appointment  email Alexandra Alexandra@Energy-Teacher.com
Clearing Energetic Life Streams… 40 minute session $75.00…Call for Appointment: 615-849-2530 




Combination Session:

Clearing your Energetic Life Stream, Health scan and body balance by Distance healing or in office healing….$125.00

Call for Appointment: 615-849-2530 

Allow two hours for session.   




The Reconnection by Eric Pearl

 The Reconnection





THE RECONNECTION© Originally the meridian lines (sometimes called acupuncture lines) on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and cross at acknowledged power places such as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. The Reconnection brings in new axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before.  These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body. Reconnection Sessions last approximately 1 1/2 hours and cost $105.00 Call Alexandra for your Reconnection Attunement $333.00 This will prepare you for attending The First and Second Level Reconnection Workshops with Eric Pearl.  The workshops give you the opportunity to become a practitioner that passes attunements.


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