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                 What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of healing that originated in Japan and dates back to the end of the nineteenth century.  It is practiced by the simple process of lying on of hands to channel healing energy through the practitioner to the recipient.

Rei: Means – God or Light

Ki: Means – Life Energy which translates as Energy of God, Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy: In India, it is called prana.  In China, it is called Chi. Some call it God Force Energy or Love Energy.  Life Force Energy (LFE) flows through everything that is alive; plants, animals & humans.

Reiki Energy has an intelligence all its own. It cannot be guided by the mind; therefore, it is not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner.  You’re more limited by the acceptance of the one receiving the energy.  You will be directed by the energy as to where you need to work, there are others working with you on the Etheric that are in charge.  You are never alone when you’re working with Reiki energy.


Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Usui Absent Healing Symbol…Tube of Light…Sometimes called the Distance Healing Symbol.

Working with the energies of Reiki every single day since 1996 has allowed me to increase my vibrational communication to all Usui Reiki Symbols, especially the Absent Healing Symbol. (AHS)  I would love to share with you the many ways I use this powerful symbol.  ‘It’s as useful as a pocket on a shirt.’

Absent Healing Symbol (AHS)

First I would like to explain that the Reiki Symbols are Keys to doorways of energy.   Your front door key will not open your neighbor’s front door just as the key for the Power Symbol will not initiate the AHS or Mental Emotional Symbol.  Each symbol has its own code vibration activated by speaking the symbol’s name (key) three times.  I will say that Reiki Energy will continuously flow without being keyed once you are attuned, but you will not have any specific key energy at work during this type of activation.   There are many different keys of activation with each symbol that will be discussed later. (More information)


ReikiLanguage of Light’

 Rei = God or Light    Ki = Life Energy of God: Life Force Energy

The Language of Light is Love and the Reiki Language of Light is Reiki Love.  Reiki means, “God’s Love in Healing Light.”  How do we speak this language?  It is spoken by the heart, made possible by your openings and connections to Divine Light when you are attuned to the systems of Reiki.  During your attunement you are fine-tuned to receive and send additional information.  You become a voluntary system of energy instead of an involuntary system, meaning new pathways are established during your attunement allowing you to send and receive energies.  Now you are cooperating with your autonomic nervous system as a conscious partner with every breath.

Reiki Energy: Reiki Energy has its own intelligence, it cannot be guided by the mind; therefore it is not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner.  You’re more limited by the acceptance of the one receiving the energy.  You will be directed by the energy as to where you need to work and there are others working with you on the Etheric Level.  You are never alone when you’re working with Reiki energy.  Reiki Energy soothes, calms and aligns the body bringing deep relaxation on all levels.  It helps the body reset the time clock slowing the aging process.

 Life Force Energy Mixed with Reiki:

In India it is called Prana.  In China it is called Chi; some call it God Force Energy or Love Energy.  LFE flows through everything that is alive; plants, animals and humans.  For instance flowers are passive, but healing.  It is the Life Force that we breathe in when we smell the flower and take in its beauty.  We are taking in the essence of the flower as we connect with love.  This essence has a healing quality that permeates the body of the individual experiencing this exchange of energy. It applies to everything and everyone around us.   Anything done with unconditional love is magnified to the highest degree.   

Life Force is an energy that is accepted into the body with each breath and the body organizes it to be used in many ways.  When we pass Life Force Energy through the Reiki Symbols, it becomes a Living Force.  Each Reiki Symbol is the key to a doorway of energy.  When mixed with Life Force the energy forms a pattern of intelligence that organizes the energies for a designated purpose.  This is a living breathing example of God’s Healing Love.

Now let’s take it one step farther.  Each breath you draw has the potential to create by using Life Force Energy with your belief system.  (You can consider this your personal breath system.)  If you allow your Higher Self to be your breath, a supercharged universal energy will be yours.  This is the space where miracles happen, a space that is timeless.   You will be limited only by the belief in yourself.  Trust that you have the necessary ingredients in your life to mix up a perfect expression of Love, YOU!

We are all connected by the Life Force energy that flows in, through and around us at all times.  Our energy fields touch everyone we come in contact with.  We are especially attached to those closest to us.  Filaments of light that look like tiny strings connect us to all things we have ever encountered until we cut those strings. We have connections to inanimate objects such as the home we grew up in or the school we attended as a child.  Sometimes there are energetic ties associated with a location where a trauma has occurred.  Some ties must be cut to give relief and mobility for our Souls journey.  Letting go of the past and freeing the future is one of the greatest gifts we give our Spirit.  This is an action involving the subconscious and is worth the time you invest talking to the body elemental and see what floats to the surface of the consciousness as we ask for truth.


Reiki Attunements: A Reiki Attunements is one of the most considerate gifts we can give our Spirit.  Our Soul craves the expression of its true journey in this lifetime and receiving an Attunement allows channels to open and Soul Lessons (Sacred Contracts) to filter down through the upper chakras into consciousness.  Once Attuned my life expanded allowing me to engage with the world instead of just the community where I lived.  Consider the difference of traveling by car 1000 miles or flying by plane.  Life is just easier after an Attunement.


Reiki Guides and Angels: Once an Attunement centers are opened you have more access to higher frequency energies.  Reiki Attunements allow you to work with others that assist you outside your own body on a conscious level:  Guides, Angels, Directors and Reiki Guides.  You are never alone when you work with the healing energies of Reiki since these assistants will be with you in every client session.  After you connect with your guides and establish a rapport you will be given messages and instruction as to what is needed.  Just learning to trust is the most important thing in your Reiki Healing.  Your trust and openness will bring you many gifts as your willingness to receive increases.  Your angels will work through your guides until you establish the connections necessary to channel higher vibrational frequencies.  Being Attuned amplifies the gift of communicating with your guides and angels

The Little Black Dress called Reiki:

The Light energy of Reiki mixes well with every modality.  I call Reiki the “Little Black Dress,” it works great on its own or you can add anything to the ensemble and it just keeps getting better.  I have added many modalities to my Little Black Dress over the years and use them in a combination of my own Divine Design.   Richard Gordon published a book on Polarity years ago and I worked with his information and added different hand positions working the Meridian Systems of the body.  It added a new dimension to my sessions.  The Reconnection Energies work well with Reiki.  When I added Quantum Touch, another Richard Gordon modality, the breathing techniques added still another dimension.  Every energetic technique is embraced by the loving accepting aspect of Reiki.

Reiki enhances everything you touch.  Reiki enhances the apple I am about to eat and the sandwich on my plate.  Whatever I touch is imbued with Reiki Energy. ‘Just think about it a minute.’  This means I am leaving the Divine signature of Reiki on everything my Reiki hands touch and everywhere my Reiki feet walk.

In Loving Reiki Light…Alexandra


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