Reiki Re-Attunement Workshop





 Reiki Re-Attunement Workshop

                          ‘A Two Day Event’

>Receive 12 CE massage credits when you receive First and Second Level Reiki<


  2016 Dates:

 August 13 & 14 Saturday and Sunday 10:00-4:00

Workshop Location:  2113 Dilton Mankin Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37127

Lowest workshop price ever, this only happens three times a year so don’t delay in saving your space while saving lots of your money.  Just think!  You can up-grade to Master Level for a $300.00 workshop only price, includes everything.  You can up-grade to second degree for a $200.00 workshop only price, includes everything.    


Please reserve your space soon, as there are only a few spots available. The classes are small for your benefit.                                                           

Receiving a Reiki Attunement is the best gift you can ever give yourself.  A Reiki Attunement is a process of empowerment that opens designated energy centers in the body and connects you to the unlimited source of Reiki Energy.  During your Attunement and for a time afterwards, changes will be made by the Attunement energy as new centers are opened, enabling you to channel the higher frequencies of Reiki.  These changes take place Spiritually in the chakras and aura and also in the physical body.  An emotional as well as a toxic release can take place as part of this clearing process. 
Workshop Attendance and Re-Attunement on any Level   $125.00


Workshop Agenda:

How to be a confident Reiki Practitioner

How to build a rapport with the Reiki symbols

How to use Reiki symbols in your daily life

How to stay grounded while healing

How to protect yourself while healing

How to have a successful Reiki Practice

How to build a client base

How to blend other healing modalities with Reiki

Up-Grade to a higher level of Attunement during the workshop
 First Level Reiki (work on self)                                    $150.00                                 Workshop Price: $125.00
Second Level Reiki    (work on self and others)          $250.00                                Workshop Price: $200.00

First & Second Level Together (same day)                  $300.00                                Workshop Price: $200.00

I received First and Second Level together  (Alexandra)

Master Teacher Level Three                                           $500.00                                Workshop Price: $300.00

(Teach Reiki Attunement Classes-Pass Attunement

Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Level                             *$300.00                               Workshop Price: $250.00

(Highest Teaching Level-Ability to Access Advanced Energies)

Call Alexandra for additional information …615-849-2530
Guidelines to Prepare for Receiving an Attunement: Refrain from eating red meat and all caffeine drinks three days before your Attunement.  “Drink lots of juice and water.  Eat lightly the day before and day of your Attunement.  Eating only salads and fruits.  Keep drinking lots of filtered water.  The water will help wash toxins out of the body before and after your Attunement.  Use no alcohol for at least three days before your Attunement and watch your chocolate. Meditate as often as possible and stay in a good place in your thoughts at all times before an Attunement.  Watch very little TV or read the newspaper.  Connect with nature and walk on the grass with bare feet; stroll in the woods whenever possible.
Looking forward to sharing space in ‘The Reiki Love’…Alexandra 849-2530

2 thoughts on “Reiki Re-Attunement Workshop

  1. I would like to attend the re-attunement workshop for levels 1, 2 and Master on May 4 & 5. Do I need to come by before hand and pre-pay? Just let me know.

  2. Alexandra,
    Enjoyed seeing you also! I would like to attend the Reiki Attunement workshop.
    Let me know if I need to do anything prior to coming. Look forward to spending time with you.


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