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asithe-lioness-2There is a different Light Quotient with each activity you initiate.  Light intelligence activates and connects according to our intention.  Each thought when put in motion becomes “Dedicated Light” as you give the thought substance/action/purpose.  For instance; I am hungry and need a snack, (a thought).  I think I will eat an apple. (Adding substance to the thought.)  When I walk to the kitchen and get the apple I have put substance into the thought and manifested an outcome.  I have just initiated a Light Quotient for an everyday action according to my intention.  Now lets add Reiki to the Light and it becomes a Dedicated Quotient of Light following patterns established by your intentions.

Once Attuned you have Reiki Healing flowing through you continuously,  whether it’s eating that apple or healing an individual.  Reiki Energy becomes dedicated by our actions with the Reiki Light.  Reiki Light will cooperate with all Light Rays and hues of Light.  The color of Light denotes the power you are working with at any time.  Color is not the power, it’s the definition of the power at work.

Lets say you have a client with issues in the second chakra.  Your desire is to heal and you initiate your Reiki Healing for this purpose.  Now, lets add the Orange Color Ray to work in the second chakra mixed with Reiki Light.   You have just dedicated the Light of Reiki and initiated a Light Quotient.  The established Light and the intelligence in the Light will assist in bringing balance back to any frequency that has lost it’s correct vibrational flow that is contrary to healing.  The more you work with Light and address the Light as an intelligence the more rapport you will build with the flow of Universal Light and Knowledge.  It’s the tie your show thing, after a while it just becomes natural and you don’t think about how to do it anymore.

Consciously working with the Light gives you access to many levels of Light Intelligence.  Speak to the Light and recognize you are working with more than the eye can see.

Loving you in the Light…Alexandra

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  1. Thank you for checking out Reiki Dedicated Light…Look forward to seeing your comments again…Love and Light…Alexandra

  2. are there any other good internet links about Reiki? i am really interested about it.-,`

  3. Taylor,
    Thank you for checking out Reiki Dedicated Light…If you have any questions about Reiki or Reiki Light please feel free to email me your thoughts…Love and Light…Alexandra

  4. Tyler,
    Thank you for veiwing our site…we are very dedicated to the Light of Reiki Love and post as many articles as we can on Reiki…We also have a monthly Reiki training in Nashville on the fourth Sunday of every month. I have just added an article on the distance healing symbol that can be found on the Reiki page and the home page…The Energy Teacher Team takes passing Attunements seriously and we also teach students the art of passing Attunements to others after they reach Master Level. If you have more questions I would be pleased to answer…Love and Reiki Light…Alexandra

  5. Thank you for inquiring about our website…I have been very busy with a workshop on the Goddess/Crone and haven’t looked at my blog to see your request. It is always exciting to find someone that wants to know more about Reiki. We have on-going classes every month that covers all things related to healing. If you live in the Nashville community you may want to come. Also, there are two other resourses to expereince weekly Reiki at local stores. One of them is held by one of my students that is now a Reiki Master Teacher. You will love her sweet attitude about life and Reiki…I have encluded articles about the Reiki symbols and their use on the blog that you may find interesting. Enjoy life each moment as life will always be present and accounted for al all times:-))
    Love and Light…Alexandra
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  6. i would also love to practice Reiki to add it on my transcendental meditation skills that i gained*;*

  7. Reiki Healing is a journey of the Soul…Healing is inate within us so you are farther along than you realize. However, Reiki is’t served up like fast food, for the really good connection you are required to be in a place of honoring and understanding the Frequency of Reiki and the Reiki Symbols. I am glad you connected with our site and look forward to hearing from you again…Love in the Light of Reiki…Alexandra

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