Simple Attunement Guides & Reiki Attunement Meditations

Reiki Meditations prepare you to receive the energies of Attunement. Each level of Attunement has its own unique vibration addressing the Light signature associated with the symbols received during each specific Attunement.

Each guided meditation introduces you to the new symbols you will be receiving in a way that enhances the Attunement process. You will be connected to your higher aspect as the meditation takes you to a place of vibrational activation of Reiki Attunement energies that open new pathways allowing the frequencies of Reiki Healing to flow.

You will be given the opportunity to meet your Reiki Guide’s as well as getting to know each symbol’s vibrational signature.

Click the play button below to get a feel for the meditations. This is the introduction to the audios.

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New! Illustrated Guides to Passing an Attunement…all 4 levels available for download to your computer.

When passing an attunement it’s very easy to slip into an altered state and lose contact with the third dimension. Your physical body stays in the third dimension, but your consciousness moves to the fifth dimension. That’s where you want to be while passing an attunement, but I have found that everything I know about how to pass an attunement seems to slip away the more altered I become. This is the time an illustrated guide will be helpful in keeping you in line with everything you have learned about passing an attunement. The Spirit of Reiki is not as interested in the programmed steps of passing an attunement as it’s interested in the vibration of Love that is being passed to your student.attune booklet pic2

You are never alone when passing an attunement. I have seen the whole room light up with Light Beings at times. It’s exceptional to be a part of something so important to the Universal Light of Reiki. It gets really crowded when I attune a group of five or more.

Each step in the process of giving an attunement has an illustration and printed information in large print that lets you know step by step where you are and what and where your hands and their hands should be.  This is an easy to follow illustrated format that my Reiki Guides and Angels helped create to assist dedicated Reiki Masters in passing an attunement.

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How to pass a Reiki Attunement to others:

The Reiki Attunement is a sacred spiritual initiation that connects the initiate with higher levels of consciousness and the unlimited source of healing energy.  It opens the crown, heart and palm chakras as well as the feet for their use in channeling Reiki.  A Reiki Attunement is a spiritual gift which comes directly from the highest source of Reiki Light. It is an intelligence that mandates respect from each initiate. There are no special requirements for spiritual purification in order for the attunement to be successful. The energies of Reiki have their own intelligence and will sync with the energies of each individual according to the vibration of their life stream.

Anyone, regardless of the degree of their spiritual development can receive the ability to pass on Reiki to others.  The level of spiritual development may vary from person to person, but the quality of Reiki energy remains the same.  Therefore, all Reiki Masters/Teachers are equal in that they all have the ability to pass on Reiki to others.  However, their ability as teachers and their understanding of Reiki does vary and is determined mainly by the standards of the individual teacher or school they have studied with along with personally developed skills and experience.

If it were necessary for a person to be completely pure and free of fault in order to teach Reiki, we would have very few Reiki teachers on this planet.  This is the unique value of Reiki: anyone can receive the ability and in a matter of a year or so of dedicated practice become a qualified teacher. I worked in the energies for three years before teaching and attuning. It doesn’t have to take that long, that is the length of time it took for me to feel comfortable with each process. This makes Reiki a healing technique that gives you a sturdy foundation to build your healing practice. I have added many other modalities on top of my Reiki foundation and she holds them in her heart and makes them her own. It’s like having children and loving each one for their individual characteristics. I call Reiki “The Little Black Dress” that can be accessorized with any modality.

Illustrated guides available: I have created simple illustrated attunement guides for each attunement levels. I made these simple cheat sheets years ago to assist me in passing attunements. I found that when I was giving an attunement is was very easy to become altered.  When altered you lose consciousness of the third dimension; the dimension in which you are trying to pass an attunement. You will be vibrating to the frequency of the Reiki Attunement which is closer to a fifth dimensional vibration.  Being altered you will find it hard to keep track of each step because the angels and guides are in charge of all the energies. I found that I could keep track of where I was in the attunement by looking at the illustrations.  Trust me, simple works best when altered.

Giving Reiki Attunements:  There are several different techniques in use for giving Reiki attunements.  All of them are effective.  I have chosen to work with the Usui method and it has produced many powerful healers in my lineage. I feel that the process we choose is not as important as what we do with the process we receive. Attunements open the awareness of each attunee giving them access to all information/intelligence in the morphic field of Reiki. We can connect to these fields of intelligence with our intent as we heal ourselves and others.

Many mind centers are opened during an attunement as we become a voluntary system, working with our autonomic nervous system in a conscious way.  Each attunement gives us better access to the unconscious processes of the body.  We work consciously with our Body Elemental and the Body Elemental is in charge of the healing in the body.

Intention is most important in giving the attunements.  There are guides, Angels and a director present at each attunement.  I feel it is necessary to speak your intent and gratitude in prayer before each attunement, giving thanks for the attunement being received and for all assistance that will be given. The appropriate Reiki spirit guides will be present with each level received. I have seen many additional spirits and Beings during attunements that came for that specific attunee.  There is always excitement in the Universal Light when an attunement is received, because the Light knows that enlightenment is being gifted today.

There are many things happening on multiple levels during an attunement. When you speak before an attunement you are speaking to an intelligence that will react to your spoken words. Your intent is more important than your capabilities. This may be your first attunement and you feel unqualified. The responsibility of passing a successful attunement frightened me at first because I felt that I was doing everything myself. I was locked into the belief that it was all on my shoulders. This assumption was incorrect. I was never alone and I did not pass any attunement by myself.  Now I know I am working with an intelligence that I can trust to be in charge. As Joel Goldsmith would say, “we are not there to heal we are there for the healing to take place.”

This also means that even if you are unable to visualize clearly the symbols moving into the crown or see the ball of fire at the base of the spine, a  perfect attunement is being received.   Attunements work in the same way that Reiki healing energies do. Your intention for an attunement to take place will start every necessary energetic frequency to flow automatically.  The attunement will take place whenever you go through the appropriate steps for each level with the intention of initiating a student into Reiki.

The first time I did an attunement I didn’t know if they would explode or maybe not received the necessary energies to be attuned. I had conjured up all the fears you could imagine about passing attunements.  After passing my first attunement I was ever so grateful to the Light of Reiki assisting me in the process. The attunee had a wonderful experience and could feel the energies of Reiki merge with their energies.  They got to meet their guide which trilled them beyond measure and gave them the confidence to start their own healing practice.  I then realized that a Reiki Attunement was not dependent on what I knew as much as how I knew to connect to the Reiki Light and allow the energies to flow automatically.

How to give a Reiki Attunement:  Before starting the attunement process, have your students sitting in a row in straight back chairs.  Make sure there is enough room in front and in back for you to walk.  Explain about the hands being in the prayer position to start and you will be moving their hands above their crown to place the symbols of attunement in the crown.  Demonstrate this so everyone understands. Be sure and tell them about the Violet Breath that will be blown into the crown, third eye, heart center, palms and feet.

Note: If you have any problem visualizing, simply do the best you can and imagine that the symbols are where you want them to be and it will work just fine and be just as powerful as if you were visualizing them perfectly.  It is the intention that is important.  Keep in mind that there are powerful Reiki guides that will be working with you.  One way to look at it is the Reiki Guides are doing the attunement and you are the open channel for Reiki Love to flow to the attunee.

Technique for each Attunement:  Your intention is the most important part of the attunement process so make sure you state in your mind which attunement you are about to do before you begin and then simply follow the directions exactly.  It is what goes into the hands when lifted over the head that make the difference between the Reiki attunements. In the Reiki I attunement, only the power symbol goes into the hands.  In the Reiki II attunement, the three Reiki II symbols go into the hands over the head.  In the Master attunement, the four Usui symbols go into the hands over the head including the Usui master symbol.  The fourth level, Tibetan Master Level information is included in materials received after your Master Attunement.

More info on what is an Attunement?

Webster says: Attunement…to bring into harmony.

A Reiki Attunement brings you into harmony with the Universe.  You become a voluntary system of energy instead of an involuntary system; meaning new pathways are established during your attunement allowing you to send and receive energies.  Before your Attunement you could only receive through your involuntary system.  Now you are cooperating with your autonomic nervous system as a conscious partner with every breath.

There are many centers in the body that are actively opened allowing a constant flow of energy from the Universal Light through you the healer.   If you know that once you are Attuned you have centers in the head, throat, heart, shoulders, elbows, wrist, and every knuckle, joint, finger tip and thumb in the hand you are more apt to use them.  To activate the flow of Reiki Energy takes a conscious connection to the desire to serve the Light and to heal.

At times the connection is made through the subconscious and energy starts to flow to a source we are unaware.  This happens quite often to the inexperienced healer as we are willing components of God Light and dedicated to serve.  We are enhanced beacons of Light and want to touch and heal everything and everyone.  It’s like having a bowl of M & M’s sitting on a bench at the Mall.  Lots of people will take some as they walk by.  You will learn quickly that you need to keep your M & M’s in your pocket or you will run out of your energy source.   Once you learn how to share this energy you will realize it is a never ending constant flow…as the Widow’s oil and meal in the bible were replenished each day by God.

There is no other gift that you could gift yourself that will produce changes in your world like receiving a Reiki Attunement.  Channels open, doors appear in your world where none were before, and miracles become an everyday occurrence.  If you hear yourself saying the same things over and over and your conversation with others never change, then you need to learn a new language.  Reiki is that new language and as you practice daily you will become fluent in the Love and Light of Reiki.

You now have the opportunity to grow in the Light and shine your beautiful healing Light on others.  Blessings in the Light of Reiki.

Alexandra: Reiki Master IV

How to prepare for an Attunement

The following Suggestions are Optional….Use your own Higher Guidance.
A Reiki Attunement is a process of empowerment that opens your crown, heart and palm chakras and connects you to the unlimited source of Reiki Energy.  During the Attunement and for a time after changes will be made by the Attunement energy that opens new access doors to the Reiki Energy.  These changes take place metaphysically in the chakras, auric field  and also the physical body.  An emotional as well as a toxic release can take place as part of this clearing process.

To receive the greatest benefit from your Attunement, a process of purification is recommended.  This will allow the Attunement Energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you.
Follow suggestions no less than 24 hours before an Attunement or up to 3 days prior to.

No red meat and very little chicken or fish.  No protein day before any Attunement.  No alcohol, sweets or chocolate the day before and day of any Attunement.

Minimize your use of coffee and caffeine drinks.  They create imbalances in the nervous and endocrine systems,  Use no caffeine drinks on the day of an Attunement.

If you smoke, cut back, and smoke as little as possible on the day of the Attunement.

Meditate half an hour a day for at least a week using a style you are familiar with or simply spend this time in silence.
Reduce or eliminate time watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers.
Go for quiet walks, spend time with nature, and get moderate exercise.

Release all anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc. up to the light.  Create a sacred space within and around you.

A Reiki Attunement is an initiation into a sacred metaphysical order that has been present on earth for thousands of years.  By receiving an Attunement you will become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to heal themselves and each other.  By becoming part of this group you will also be receiving help from the Reiki Guides and other Spiritual Beings who are also working toward these goals.

asilavendar-blueReiki (when mixed with Life Force) becomes a Living Force for Healing.  Reiki Energy has it’s own intelligence, it cannot be guided by the mind; therefore it is not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner.

I refer to Reiki as the “Little Black Dress” of Healing.  It’s perfect  just the way it is, but you can add any modality you choose and it just keeps getting better.  I have added Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing, Angelic Healing, Freeing the Future Healing etc.  They all cooperate and mix perfectly.

Open your mind to all possibilities and discover your true gifts of healing.  As you expand and welcome new knowledge you will be shown how to use and accept more knowledge.  Angels, guides and directors are present at all healings waiting for your direction and the command to go to work.  Command means giving an energy permission to go to work…

Loving You…Alexandra