Psychic Sunday Classes 2016

Psychic Development classes

 Ongoing class Every First Sunday

$65.00 a class             10AM-4PM

Each class gives the seeker the opportunity to use innate psychic powers. With continued exposure the veil finally lifts allowing access to our Superpowers of intuition.

We all have the ability to be psychic so why not use them now.

Receive a third-eye Attunement. Connecting your psychic mind to your physical brain.

Things we will be learning over time.

Learn the technique of connecting to the psychic grid with our physical brain.

Activate our Clairvoyance.(clear seeing)

Remote viewing. (looking through our psychic mind to things 5 ft. or 500 miles away.)

Psychometry (sensing vibrations through objects.)

Interpreting the message of vibrational thoughts/frequencies around you. (such as sensing danger before it happens).

Looking in on any situation. Learn how to access information from the quantum field of Light. Learning how to interpret what we see in the psychic field around us.