Summer & Fall Psychic Classes

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Mystery School

Psychic Development Classes

Three Levels-6 Month Course


For Beginner and Advanced Students

Location of Workshop Series: 2113 Dilton Mankin Road Murfreesboro, TN

 Last weekend of every month except December

Saturday 10:00-4:00    Sunday 10:00-4:00


Level One: July 30 & 31 and August 27 & 28

Receive a third-eye Attunement. Connecting your psychic mind to your physical brain. Accessing the unknown. Accessing the psychic grid. Clairvoyance (sending and receiving messages). Activation of mind centers associated with psychic development.

Level Two: September 24 & 25 and October 29 &30

Gain an understanding of being psychic person in a quantum universe. Learn remote viewing. (looking through your psychic mind to things 5 ft. or 500 miles away.) Psychometry (sensing vibrations through objects.) Interpreting the message of vibrational thoughts/frequencies around you. (such as sensing danger before it happens)

Level Three: November 26 & 27 and December 17 & 18

Mystery school level. Connecting your psychic mind to your physical brain.  Accessing the unknown…You have to go somewhere else in the mind to get there. Accessing the Psychic Grid…Clairvoyance*Sending and receiving Psychic Messages and images. Activation of mind centers associated with psychic development.

In advanced Level 3 we will be using our new abilities to step into another realm…Learning how to access information from the Quantum Fields of Light…Understanding Morphic Resonance and how it applies to your psychic development by applying techniques of connecting to various fields by requesting a connection. Participating in activities accessible only to advanced students. (Mystery School Studies)

Each class builds upon the next and by the end of the third level you will have gained confidence and clarity in your psychic abilities. Your natural intuition will awaken and become second nature in all aspects of your life.

Each student receives a class workbook for reference and study during each level and at home.

Level One: $199.00 Level Two: $199.00 Level Three $199.00

Pay all three Levels in advance and receive a $50.00 discount. *Visa /Mastercard accepted

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