Illustrated Booklet: Simple Reiki Guide Level 3


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You will send me roses after using these Simple Illustrated Guides.

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Four Levels

Level One (Personal)

Level Two (Practitioner)

Level Three (Master Teacher)

Level Four (Tibetan Master Teacher)

$10.00 for each level or $29.00 for all four levels

When passing an attunement it’s very easy to slip into an altered state and lose contact with the third dimension. Your physical body stays in the third dimension, but your consciousness moves to the fifth dimension. That’s where you want to be while passing an attunement, but I have found that everything I know about how to pass an attunement seems to slip away the more altered I become. This is the time an illustrated guide will be helpful in keeping you in line with everything you have learned about passing an attunement. The Spirit of Reiki is not as interested in the programmed steps of passing an attunement as it’s interested in the vibration of Love that is being passed to your student.

Each step in the process of giving an attunement has an illustration and printed information in large print that lets you know step by step where you are and what and where your hands and their hands should be.  This is an easy to follow illustrated format that my Reiki Guides and Angels helped create to assist dedicated Reiki Masters in passing an attunement.

You are never alone when passing an attunement. I have seen the whole room light up with Light Beings at times. It’s exceptional to be a part of something so important to the Universal Light of Reiki. Alexandra