Distance Healing Session


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1 hour $105.00   Appt: 615-849-2530

Each session lasts over an hour and, you will be transformed by the experience.

Alexandra 615-849-2530

Distance healing is working in the Field of God Light through something like a wormhole, “that you may have heard about on Star Trek.” It connects you to another from great distances and allows the frequency of healing to take place.  When using the Hon sha ze sho nen, the distance symbol in Reiki Level II, you activate a tube of “Light” that connections you and the subject from 5 miles to 5000 miles.  Distance doesn’t matter when working with God Light.  I have family in Pakistan and work with them daily and I live in Tennessee (USA).  (It’s quantum reality)
After I have placed the subject in a tube of “Light” I then view their image on a blank wall.  They will appear to me in holographic form, like Princess Leah in Star Wars. I then proceed to communicate with the intelligence within the “Light” that will allow me to interact with any” Light” that needs a correction.  I have found that when I tell the subject what I see in their “Light” it usually corrects itself instantly or we may need to go a little deeper and look at other “Light” attached to the existing “Light” that may need a frequency change.
Remember this is real, you are working in God’s Country when you are sending or receiving distance healing and assistance is readily available whenever you need it…just make the request…it will be heard and answered.  Your main job is to believe that it’s possible and send thanks and gratitude to the Intelligence of God already in your presence.


Distance Healing Session  1 hour $105.00   Appt: 615-849-2530