Paleo Weekend

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If it weren’t for cooking ahead of time I would have been in trouble all weekend trying to stay Paleo. We were invited to dinner at a friend’s home and they prepared some of the most interesting and delicious non-Paleo dishes. It was very hard not to try the beautiful rice and vermicelli dish. They also had three scrumptious desserts prepared; with one being Baklava. I’m happy to report that I didn’t succumb to the temptation.

Saturday morning I used my stovetop grill and cooked enough chicken for myself and serve on top of a salad for six students at my Master Teacher Workshop Sunday. Cooking ahead of time rocks! Saved my bacon!

Missing meals is not a good thing if you are on a healthy regime. I have found that I do have cravings appear when I forget to eat and when you are eating Paleo you will forget to eat because you are not hungry at regular meal times. (Anyway this is the way my body is responding.)

I have found that pickled onions are very tasty and a very easy condiment to have on hand. Slice sweet onions thinly and pull apart. Place in a dish and splash on a little apple cider vinegar, course ground pepper, salt to taste and little extra virgin olive oil. I like it hot so I chop a couple of Jalapeño’s to spice it up. This is delicious on any prepared meat or on top of your salad or add sliced cukes and tomatoes for a quick stand-alone salad. (Vinegar is not really Paleo, but I think you can get by with using it sparingly.)

My white pants are getting looser every week…Yippee for good food and great results.

Happy Paleo Trails to you…Love and Light…Alexandra