Reiki Doorway to Healing Class

This is a workshop designed for the dedicated healer.  We will be taking Reiki to a new level with ‘Light Body Technology’.  Experience the activation of dormant energetic strands in the body as you entrain to the new energies just by working with others holding the higher frequencies of Reiki Energy.

Welcoming these new sound and light frequencies into the subtle body has a direct affect on the physical body.  We will be working in the Quantum Field of Light.  Shifting as if by magic into perfect alignment with our physical body.  It’s a good thing.

There will be an in-depth study of the symbols and techniques associated with the Reiki Attunement.  Learn about the Subtle Bodies and your Chakra System, each having a direct affect on our everyday living.   Reconnect to your Higher Self by dedicating your life to healing ‘The Self’ and ‘The Planet.’

Time: 1:00-5:00        Cost: $25.00  Fourth Sunday

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