(September 9, 2009)

A Guided Meditation with Alexandra


It’s Time for Change!

September 9, 2009 – 7pm

The First Unitarian Universalist Church

1808 Woodmont Blvd.

Nashville, TN  37215


Everything that we thought was real is no longer valid.

The way we have conducted our lives up to this point, will not work anymore.

It’s TIME!

It’s Time to CHANGE!

It’s time for Endings, Re-births, Conquering Challenges and Busting Barriers!

Alexandra will conduct this guided meditation to help us move beyond our lost dreams and calm the chaos around us.

Together, we can merge our energetic Light as a single force for change.

Together, we can initiate the energies necessary for transformation.

Together, we can do anything!

This is the time to let go of old beliefs.

We can peel back those layers that have hidden our true selves – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Learn how to:

* Control our intentions, instead of allowing our intentions to control us.
* Release old toxins in our body, mind and soul computers.
* End the stagnation in our lives!
* Close old chapters and open new chapters for living.

You may have felt the rumble in your “Tower” for some time.

You may have seen evidence of structural damage.

Now, you know it cannot be saved.

You can’t keep spackling your old beliefs into the cracks of life and expect everything to hold.

It’s time to let everything fall, and start over with new beliefs, a new purpose, and a renewed Spirit.

This energy is so BIG, it’s going to require all of us to work together and care about each other.


1. By practicing unselfish love from deep within the hearts.

2. By no longer seeing the world as “me, me, me, poor me”.

3. By taking responsibility for all energetic actions around us.

4. By recognizing that God is within – not without!

5. By coming together as a single force of God Intention for the good of the whole.

Each Light that we individually represent is far more powerful than we can imagine.

Each Light (when blended with the Light of many) can transcend this bondage of earth and write a new direction on the walls of our souls.

This is Divine Direction!

This is Soul Evolution of the Highest Order!

Join Alexandra on September 9, 2009, as she channels Divine Guidance.

For additional info: 615-297-1082


Astrological Influences

Sun Trining Moon

Questions are answered!

Build the bridge between men and women and encourage camaraderie at this time.

Sun in Virgo:  Understand your individual service to mankind.

Mercury in Retrograde: Review you life up to this moment – embrace introspective self-analysis.

Develop the power to accept and release your past, so you can deal with the challenges of your future.

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