Reiki Master Attunement Class

  Reiki Master Attunement

&Training Class (Building Confidence)

  Two Day Supercharged Workshop

Receive 12 CE Credits for class

When: September 10 & 11-2016               10:00 – 4:00

Cost: $300.00

When we feel the call from somewhere deep within, we know that we have been chosen by the Universal Light to move forward with our service to mankind. I felt it years ago and knew I could no longer turn away. If you are feeling the same pull towards the Divine this workshop is for you.  The workshop takes you to Master Teacher Level and gives you the tools that assist the psyche expanding and connecting to all things Reiki.

Much responsibility comes with Master Teacher Level. Once you receive an Attunement you receive the responsibilities to uphold the integrity of Reiki. You also receive the gift of channeling Divine Light 24/7. It’s a good thing.

You will be re-attuned to first and second level Reiki during the class. This stabilizes the energies of Reiki and enhances your connection to the Reiki grid.


You will also receive advanced training learned by Alexandra over the years.

Classes remain small-reserve your space early.


Class Content:

  1. How to pass attunements Successfully, Responsibly and Confidently.

  2. How to Create the Microcosmic Orbit (Violet Breath).

  3. How to sense when an Attunement has successfully been completed.

  4. How to align yourself to facilitate Reiki Attunements.

  5. How to prepare a room for Reiki Attunements.

  6. How to organize and promote a Reiki Business.

  7. How to understand where Reiki exist in the quantum field.

  8. How to charge for your services without remorse.

  9. How to attain and hold the Light of Reiki in your business with integrity.

We guarantee your confidence with passing attunements by the end of the class. You will receive printed materials and know exactly what to do and how to do it. All you add is practice.

Attunements are a gift you give to others as a Reiki Master and they return the energy with a monetary gift to keep your Reiki business solvent. I made peace with charging for my gifts years ago. I am charging for education and my time, not my gifts. That is my gift to each client.

By attending the class you will receive a special gift valued at $40.00 from Alexandra, to use in your Reiki Practice.

Location: Alexandra’s House 2113 Dilton Mankin Road, Murfreesboro, TN











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  1. Lisa, That may be a near future possibility…thanks for your comment. I have a second level class this weekend and another Master Teacher is planned in two months. Love and Reiki Light…Alexandra

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