Now tell me your weird family secrets!

So you think your family is weird!

When does planning for the future go a little too far?  tombstone

True story: My aunt Fannie lived ninety four years, and while at the doctor’s office with a bad cold one day when she was eighty she happened to mention that her mother wasn’t feeling too well. They gave her a stare of disbelief and exclaimed, “Your mother is still alive?”

You have to almost shoot us in the head to get rid of the females in our family. That means we have plenty of time to get even!

To say the least, Aunt Fanny was a little bit obsessive about having things prepared for her last day on the planet. It was important for her to look her best when Jesus called her home. She and Uncle Joe’s grave sites were picked out and paid for at the Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Their headstone was purchased years ago and stored the basement. The next logical step was choosing the right casket. Color was not as important as the right fit, because this is where Aunt Fannie would be spending a lot of time and she wanted it to be comfortable with plenty of soft cushioning.

Well, how do you suppose Aunt Fannie would know if it were the right fit?  Wait for it! This is what really, honest to God happened the day she took her granddaughter Theresa and a large mirror to the Memorial Gardens viewing room to choose her casket.  It’s just too funny and maybe a little bit weird. After the funeral director left the room Theresa helped her grandmother into each casket and held the mirror for her to see how she would look in her final resting place.

She finally found the perfect comfortable fit for her long sleep and now it was time to think about what color casket would best match her shroud. When she passed she really did look great and fit perfectly in her comfortable coffin; as if the whole process had been choreographed by a professional.

Now tell me a few of your weird family secrets.

Are you living today or concerned about your last day? Stay in the moment and experience joy in every action you perform.

Happy trails…Alexandra Alexander