Minding your business instead of mine

I confess I have broken the Laws of the Universe this past week. I self-righteously decided I know more about someone’s business then they did.halo pic

What did I do? I made numerous judgment calls that were none of my business. I caught myself trying the change things instead of allowing change to happen. I thought I had a better handle on things than they did.

The result: I was out of alignment with my true self and got pulled head-first into the drama of the judgment I was making. Now I was wearing the emotional garments of my dumpster dive into their “Stuff” and that “Stuff” was sticky and didn’t wipe off easy.  

I tried to blame it on some kind of planetary alignment; I just knew Jupiter or Saturn had something to do with all the crazy that was appearing.

The Real Truth: I kept asking myself why I felt the need to change their way of thinking. Why had I made it my responsibility? My conscious mind knew I was breaking the Laws of the Universe, but I couldn’t stop myself. Granny Hughes called it the, “can’t-help-its.”

The inside voice I often hear when I’m crossing the line kept laughing at me. I couldn’t get by with even one self-righteous thought and trust me I had a few.

I knew it was my responsibility to take ownership of everything that was showing up in my world. I was the Divine Creator of all that mess! Well, I’m back on track and minding my own business. Don’t laugh! I truly did learn more about me and how my ego operates.

Take the High Road…Love and Light…Alexandra Alexander