Light Energy-Third Chakra-Yellow Color Ray

yellow-starlightLight enters through power centers of the body leaving a signature frequency imprint.  Chakras interpret the message by the color of the frequency.  The Color Ray of Yellow is associated with the third chakra.  The signature Power Ray of  Soft Yellow enters through the Heart Center.  This particular Power Signature signifies the presence of self love.  It passes through the fourth chakra anchoring in the third chakra the ‘Divine Signature of Self Love.’  This anchoring is necessary for the development and acceptance of the physical self, the body.

The Third Chakra is the “ME” Chakra. It’s about Self-Esteem and honoring the self as well as others.   Number three is a very psychic center, your gut feeling about situations, mothers intuition.   Stomach problems arise when we are unable to be truthful to our personal self as well as our friends.  You will literally get sick at your stomach when you receive or tell a lie about yourself.

To get to the Heart you must move through the Third Chakra. Moving through the energies of the Third Chakra is standing up and saying, my body is OK !   I am perfect at this moment and believe the statement.   If you can’t believe in yourself you will never believe in others and will never accept their assistance needed to evolve in this life.   Your window to the world will have a narrow view until you enter the Heart.   Once you have a foot planted on the bridge that takes you to the Heart Center everything shifts.  The narrow view becomes panoramic.


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  1. During the ray initiation ceremony, orange color was the first ray that came and followed by it I received the yellow ray. Thanks for telling me about both rays.


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