Light Energy-First Chakra-Red Color Ray


Each individual pulses to a certain combination of Light determined by their present conscious state.   Others are drawn to the specific colors present within your energetic field.   This often presents an opportunity to heal,  as like attracts like!  What we see as dysfunction in others is our Soul saying LOOK, do you see the Self in this mirror presented to you?  When given this opportunity have a conversation with the Self, being willing to accept the advice of your Higher Self.  It’s all about forgiveness and letting go of the past.

Color always announces the energy/power present in all situations.  Red is the Power Color Ray of Energy that is all about change.  When the Red Color Ray is present in your world big changes are happening.  Red is associated with the Root Chakra, but enters the crown as Power and settles in the Root Chakra affecting all your centers as it finds it’s destination.

When Red appears in your auric field you are in the midst of a move of some sort.  It could be moving away  from old outdated thoughts that no longer apply or it could be a physical move.  Making friends with the Root Chakra is learning to stand in your own truth and not the truth of your family/tribal beliefs.  An open Root Chakra generates creativity and the feeling of safety.  It also keeps things flowing instead of backing up in the body.


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