Learn Distance Healing

Hon sa se sho nen… Distance healing.

Distance healing is not a way to diagnose a symptom…it’s a way of changing a vibration that is off within the body.  It  is not meant to deter you from seeing a doctor or getting assistance from the medical community…it just assist you to have a clear mind to make clear decisions and release you from the shackles of fear of the unknown.

Does distance healing fall under the category of a sudo-science? Yes, it does in some circles of belief, but not in mine.  Being given the gift of sight as one of my Spiritual gifts, I can look in and see what is going on when taking to someone on the phone that needs assistance when their vibration is off.

When an ailment appears in the body, it’s a vibrational thing.  It can be corrected by science.  It’s also Quantum physics.   All you’re doing with distance healing is changing their frequency in the quantum field.  If you can stay out of the frequency of belief that the ailment is in control then you can do distance healing.  You have to bring forth a new way of thinking…form new neural pathways in the brain for this new thinking to travel on.   It’s just quantum physics!  You can observe two particles at once and they behave as one no matter how far apart they may be.  When you look at a quantum particles and try to measure the particles they change by the act of observation.  What does this tell us?  First you can have a connection with someone in the quantum field no matter how far apart you are and second you have the ability to change a situation if you have the ability to change your belief.  When the act of observing causes the wave to collapse virtual particles appear and I like to think of it as God with some magic sparkles appearing to assist. If you can change your thinking  as the wave collapses and the virtual particles appear you can experience what some call a miracle when all it is Science. Now that’s a big part of distance healing.

The Phone:  The phone is magical…you can move into another realm very easily on the phone…It’s really Big…connect with tube of Light…your connection is already established by the call….I’m sure AT&T would charge extra if they only knew so don’t tell them…Your Either Tube in place on the phon.

Another good thing about the phone is, you don’t have their personality to deal with and they don’t get into their story as much on the phone.

I use the distance symbol…the hon sha ze sho nen over myself and then over the person on the other end of the conversation.  If you need to work with one of their children or family member you go through the frequency of their heart and Soul to the frequency of the person needing attention and place them in a tube of Light by saying the Hon sha ze sho nen three times.  You can do it without the Hon sha za sho nen however it’s easier with the Hon sha za sho nen.  After they are in the Ether tube of Light ask to be shone where the frequency is off in their field.  (now this really works …all you have to do is ask to be shown)   You have to try and give it a chance to work before you have your “doubting Thomas moment?”  OK, I tell you it can be done.  You have to all new neural pathways to allow the information of belief to flow.  The same kind of neural pathways that allow you to tie your shoes without thinking or tying a neck tie or saying your ABC’s.  You just don’t think about those things any more for they are an automatic program that runs and you don’t have to stop and think.  The same thing happens with a new thought…you have to give it permission to formulate.

 The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin – 4 steps to accepting a new idea   In Stage 1 the idea is flat-out impossible.  By Stage 2 it is possible, but weak and uninteresting.  In Stage 3 the idea is important, and the effects are strong and pervasive.  In Stage 4 everyone thinks that he or she thought of it first.

I have taught many students over the last 17 years how to do distance healing and they all achieved success…the one receiving the energy validated they could feel the Love coming to them.

I love results when working in the light of other while doing distance healing.  And if you will allow yourself to believe that it’s possible and that you are working with the Divine Principles of the Universe in the Quantum Field you will be delighted with your results….It’s just Science at work…there is a method here and everyone can follow the steps and be successful.

Wouldn’t it be nice to send love to someone serving in Afghanistan that may be lonely or fearful and know you can put Light around them for protection, instead of all the fear you have been sending them.    Sending Love to your child that’s at school in another state…or their job had them move for a better opportunity.

You can do it and they will feel your Love no matter how far away you may be from them.

How do I prepare for a phone session?  I get centered and connect my Light to the edges of the Universe and beyond and into my earth chakra and feel I am balanced and in the flow of God Light.  I hold this a few minutes and smile while connecting to the Light.  I smile while doing any kind of work in the Light…it keeps you plugged into a Higher Frequency.

You will need a new model for your perfect health to start to materialize… that’s when we let go of our fixation of the outer world and allow the lotus our inner world within to grow…when the polarities of a dual world are in balance we find a third thing is born……We find the mysterious Golden Key that unlocks the evolutionary forces of nature.  Our ability to heal the self….We achieve a balance of our outer and inner worlds.

Once I feel balanced and connected…..I have a slight interview with the caller….try to stay away from giving the frequency that’s off too much power by focusing on every symptom…when you get too much information your focus may be fractured into too many avenues of belief.  Keep it simple….give them the power to self heal as you hold the space for them to transform their vibration.  Let them know thet their frequency is changing as you see the Light change colors to a more beneficial flow of God Light.

You will get to know what  information is not necessary when working in the quantum field….You don’t have to know everything  to assist their energy to bringing them into a higher vibrational Light….You will be in a place where all things exist at the same time and all things are possible.  Some call it Zero point energy…no time….The Field, whatever you want to call it.  You are in the Zone!  Magic can happen and give them a new sense of well being to move forward in life.

Suffering exist only because we become attached to a particular form or belief.….Remove all resistance to changing the vibration.  Most of the population are like the Borg off Startrek, resistance is futile, everyone belongs to the collective-everyone thinks alike.    It will own us if we allow!….Whatever is in the group consciousness of your town, your state, your home, your mind will be a part of you.  It’s when we pull away from the group and say, “You know what, I don’t feel the same way as you in believing what’s real in the Universe.”  Then we have some idea what it means to be in control of our lives, to know who we are at any given time.

Healing animals long distance: Animals are easier to work with than humans, because you don’t have to wade through their story.  You can just connect and go to work.  You are working in a field of Light and can blend your Light with their Light very easy by thinking the connection has been made.  You will need to connect to the Light of the animal by saying the name of the animal and if on Skype just tune into the animal visually as well as their Light.  The person calling about the animal needing assistance will also help in connecting to the animal through their Light, because their Light knows the Light signature of their animal.  This is easy to do… Your job is to hold the Light and the image of pure health as the healer and be in deep gratitude for the honor of serving the Light.  Remembering it’s just a Divine principle you have activated, not a miracle, even though it feels like it.  Don’t forget to smile.

I know you will do a great service in the Light…Love and Light…Alexandra