It Creeps slowly in the Night


Sweat glistened on our smiling faces as we planted the three violets Mary shared from her garden. I had just moved into a new home and it was becoming a sweet little living space on the inside. The outside was a different story! Mary being a Master Gardener came to my rescue. We got excited looking at the blank canvass presented by my neglected yard. It was bad enough that anyone with a green thumb would get out the emergency car and head for the nearest garden center. It was the ugly stepchild in the neighborhood.

That first year I didn’t notice how adventurous violets could be. They seemed to be content where we had planted them. It wasn’t until the third year that I came to realize violets have an agenda; once planted they take on a life of their own. Three little violet plants have now become my nemesis in their ultimate goal to possess every inch of ground in the flower beds. It’s zombie violets taking over after dark.

Ignoring the tenacity of this simple little flower made me look at my life and how I had ignored little things I thought could do me no harm. What harm could that little bag of cookies do? How innocent was that thought about a friend or even a stranger. Why take a risk in life if I feel unsure of myself. What could that hurt?

Have you planted violets with your thoughts and actions that have rooted themselves through the landscape of your vision, choking the life out of your dreams?

We are the gardener of our thoughts and responsible for what slowly creeps into our world. Once a thought has been constructed it becomes entangled in the quantum field and manifests itself according to the code within the thought.

Give yourself a ‘big green thumbs up’ today as you fertilize your world with positive thoughts. Love and Light…Alexandra