Illustrated Guide Booklet – How to Open and Close a Healing Session


 4 Steps to becoming a more efficient Healer. 

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In less than 20 minutes,  using these four easy steps your client will be balanced, open and ready to receive a healing.

I am revealing all the secrets I have learned the past 20 years.

All your questions are answered in four easy steps to follow, from your opening prayer to sealing the auric field after the healing in this handy little 20 page booklet.

Includes healing guidelines and information on the subconscious and the quantum field; including directions in pictures, like the one below. Reverse polarity instructions.

All my students have found the information to be a valuable guide after their attunement. Use these guidelines until you feel secure as a healer; then write your own guidelines. These are tried and true suggestions that have worked effectively for me over the years.

Step One: Start with your opening prayer holding the feet…..

Reiki photo 3