How to recognize if you are the control freak in your office?

 Do you show all the systems of needing to be in charge of everything and everyone around you all the time at the office?Crown

Are you the only one that is not aware of your behavior?

When you answer yes to the above questions you will find yourself the topic of conversation when you are not present. “Not a good thing.”

Top ten signs you are a control freak at the office.

  1. Your brand of toilet paper is important.
  2. You know who arrives late and leaves early.
  3. Tracking lunch hour and breaks are your hobby.
  4. Who receives the most personal calls is important to know.
  5. Obsess over company picnic time schedule or location.
  6. Christmas party decorations are a 911 priority with you.
  7. Seniority equates importance in the company.
  8. You give free advice on what not to wear in the office, faithfully.
  9. Office gossip is you other hobby.
  10. You keep a crown in your desk drawer.

You may need to join CFA, “Control Freaks Anonymous;” where reformed Control Freaks will assist you in learning to mind your own business.

Better still: A kind work and a little praise is what are needed in the office and at home. When we don’t try to change others and focus on loving them the way they are, they will change on their own. These are truths that have been revealed to me over the years.

Yours truly,


A proud graduate of CFA (Control Freaks Anonymous)