How to Manifest What We Want

How to manifest what we want

How to manifest what we want

Know that God is Listening

Lets talk about 3 levels of consciousness, the first being your conscious mind, the second your subconscious mind and the third your super-conscious mind.  When you manifest your desires, you’re working in your super-conscious mind, “The Mind of God”.  In order to work successfully in this venue you must KNOW with a certainty that God hears and responds to all of our requests.  This goes beyond belief or hoping.  Knowing is telling God that you are connected to your Divine Spirit on a conscious level.

How do we manifest what we want?

Whatever you put your mind to will come to pass. (Your conscious mind)

What have you been concentrating on lately?  Are you worried about money or health issues?  What have you been saying to yourself?  I don’t have, I can’t pay that much, I know they will be ugly to me, I never go out with friends, I hate the medicine I’m taking, I can’t do it, I can’t stand it.  Have you ever said any of these things?  Why do we put limits on God and our good that is ours to claim?  Every good and perfect thing is yours to have.  You need to KNOW you will receive what you are asking for when you ask.  Once you ask let it go into that God Place where manifestation happens and expect it to happen.  “LET GO OF THE OUTCOME.”  Now how hard is that?  It works even faster if you say it out loud. Before you’re through asking it has already started happening.  That is the law of God.   Be careful what you’re asking for, you will get it for sure.

Time is speeding up and when we hook up to the Divine Frequency you need to get ready for speed dial kind of results.  That’s why we keep encouraging you to watch how you are talking to yourself.  Never use derogative statements about yourself or others.  Always see a positive outcome for any situation in your life or anyone around you.

The threat of war for instance is something that needs our positive approach to peace.  Put your energies into the aspect that peace is already present.  Focus on peace and connect to the Universal Mind.  When we build on peace we are claiming that it is already present.  When we have fear of war we have helped an energy we had no desire to manifest.  We will elaborate on this more in class.

 Use your intuition.

Intuition is your super-conscious mind talking to you.  Pay attention to the unusual things in your life.  The things that happen every day and you look at them as a coincidence.  There are no coincidences, these are opportunities for us to use our intuition and ask ourselves how we can connect consciously with our super-conscious mind.  This is a lead for us to follow, we just need to pay attention, ask for guidance.  It saves a lot of time and energy.

Working with spiritual law, we are bringing to pass that which already is. In the Universal mind it is there as an idea, but is crystallized on the external, by a sincere desire.

Talk about your dreams as little as possible, and then only to the ones who will give you encouragement and inspiration.   Some people will tell you, “ it can’t be done,” you’re aiming too high.  Jealousy may play a part in their opinions.  Associate with people that good things are happening in their lives, there you will find someone that has a positive attitude.  When they pray they expect it to be answered.

Let Magic Happen.

I have said in the past, make magic happen, but have since realized that I need to let magic happen in my life.  Start today on a whole new way of thinking.  Invite magic into your life.

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