2 thoughts on “How To Develop Psychic Abilities

  1. Im looking for guidance iam 21 and have been attuned to reiki 1 by a master i befriended and seek advice from. I want to learn techniques to develop my gift i recieved , ive been practicing with 3 symbols but been finding trouble keeping my sessions consistent. I feel deep down my higherself wants me to do this and i should be doing this so i come here seeking ways to motivate myself. My life is very difficult at the time being and im not using it as an excuse , but i feel i need more to really make myself focus and hungry to keep going. Experiences seem to do the trick , when i was attuned was the last experience that really opened my eyes , i seek techniques that will have the same effect .

  2. David, We will be beginning a new Psychic Development series in January that you may be interested in know more about. I will keep you up-dated on the blog…Have a great Christmas…Love and Light…Alexandra

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