How and What We Perceive

How and what we perceive

The first thirty seconds of any experience gives you the most accurate information you will ever have.  For that period of time, you are functioning below the level of consciousness and all input is un-preconceived and unmonitored.  After thirty seconds, the intellect tends to get in the way, making judgments and comparisons.

Factual information is also available through our communication within the field.  Carl Jung, a great psychologist developed the theory of the collective unconscious to account for the fact that the same archetypal symbols crop up again and again in the minds of different individuals because of the imprint it has on the collective unconscious.  Joseph Campbell came along to explain more with the theory of myth as it travels down the road of the collective unconscious. It seems that all thoughts have energy going out into the universe, where it becomes available to anyone who is receptive to the particular quality and “frequency” of the thought.  Some thoughts that we emit into the universe vibrate higher than others, they are emotion of love, anger, elation, hate, awe and joy.  Until we have at least a simple understanding of our relationship within the quantum field our lives will continue to find disruptions within our state of harmony.

Danger is the easiest energy to pick up as a psychic vibration.  Almost everyone whether psychic or not will admit to feelings of danger in situations during their lifetime.  The fight or flight emotions connected to the root chakra assist with this interpretation. One of the ways we sense danger is through our subtle aspects (auric field), which  gives us the ability to sense how close or how far away another person is.  The aura resides within our subtle body and vibrates through the emotional interpretation of all programs we have stored. That means whatever truths we have stored in our Soul computer activates when our aura bumps up against another aura, if a lesson is dangling there. Just think of the possibilities of activation when we are in a crowd. Ouch!

We get a lot of these perceptions from another person’s aura.  The aura is a measurable emanation.  It gives off both light and heat.  The light can be measured through a photographic process like Kirlian photography.

When we think or talk about something we are particularly fond of, our auras get larger and more visible.  In an auditorium of a thousand people everyone will be connected to the speaker through their auras. When we talk about something distasteful, our auras shrink.  When we speak, we tend to send part of our auras outward in the direction of the listener.  I worked at a place once that had an enormous picture of a green dragon.  To show how the aura responds to stimulus they would flash the dragon picture in front of someone before taking a second aura photo.  The second photo of the aura would show the emotion of what they just experienced.  I found it very interesting how it varied between individuals.

Remember, the first thirty seconds will give you the most accurate information about the persons aura you have just stepped into.  If we pay attention to the initial “reading” we make of a person’s aura, we can save a lot of wear and tear on our emotions.

In addition to auras, we also get perceptions from places.  The walls and furniture absorb the vibrations of the people who have been there.  An intense emotional interaction in a room will leave a residue even if the people involved are no longer present.  Be perceptive and not pick up the energies of someone else.  If your emotions change drastically from good to bad they may not be your emotions.  You can ask and then let it go.  When I let go of most of the furniture from my father’s estate I could feel an immediate shift in the energies of my home.  It was lighter and more comfortable to be in the space.  Furniture wears the emotions of whomever lived in it’s presence.

A friend of mine gave me a picture of a green field lined with trees and asked me what I felt or could pick up from the photo.  While holding the photo I kept seeing a horse rear up on it’s hind legs and the rider trying to hold on with great difficulty.  I found out it was a location in Europe where a great battle had taken place and someone of noble birth had died while on horse back during a battle. Historic places can trigger memories from other times and places.  I have seen and felt some strange things looking at landmarks. Sometimes we enter a room that feels very familiar, a place that you feel you’ve been to before.  You have a feeling of déjà vu, a French expression that means, “already seen.” You may be experiencing a memory of a past life, which occurred in that place, or you may be recalling a dream or OBE (out-of-body experience) in which you visited the place.  Sometimes you may just be picking up what went on there.

Stay relaxed and focused while practicing your perceptive skills to achieve desired results.



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