How Alexandra is getting her groove back!

black and white2Last month I received a big “HELLO” from my body. Between the sciatica nerve pain and the pictures of me at a friend’s birthday party I had a, “Come to Jesus with myself.”

Sitting and writing for two years without exercising not only brought pain to my body, it also attributed to additional weight gain. Yes, I have mirrors, but didn’t see what I needed to see. The mind is a very peculiar thing!

I would love to share my journey back to responsible healthy living with you. I know I am not the only senior citizen to find themselves in this predicament. The most peculiar thing I have realized is how this unhealthy state of being happened. I was oblivious to my state of healthiness, thinking that I would always have good health. Boy, what an illusion that was. It’s our responsibility to honor our healthy body as well as cultivate a healthy spiritual practice.

 Results after just four weeks:

You can recover your health, no matter how far you have slid away from healthy practices.

 I stated with body work and added the super cleanse (will tell you more later). As I am weaning myself off the super cleanse I have started eating more like the Paleo Diet. Being an O blood type I know from past experience I will do well with meats and veggies. I will let you know how this goes.

1. I am almost pain free now.

2. My lymph is flowing like it should and the swelling in my ankles almost never happens unless I am up on my feet too long at a time.

3. I have lost 10 pounds.

4. Craving for sugar and wheat products are gone.

5. Motivation towards healthy practices has returned as a part of life.

Losing weight was not my focus, but a welcome side benefit. My focus was on a higher functional liver, kidneys, brain, and elimination system and that’s what I am getting. If you need to recover your health start today! Do something other than watching TV and eating potato chips.

I challenge you to take responsibility for whatever is showing up in your world and on your scales.

Until next week…Alexandra