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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Usui Absent Healing Symbol…Tube of Light…Sometimes called the Distance Healing Symbol.

Working with the energies of Reiki every single day since 1996 has allowed me to increase my vibrational communication to all Usui Reiki Symbols, especially the Absent Healing Symbol. (AHS)  I would love to share with you the many ways I use this powerful symbol.  ‘It’s as useful as a pocket on a shirt.’

Absent Healing Symbol (AHS)

First I would like to explain that the Reiki Symbols are Keys to doorways of energy.   Your front door key will not open your neighbor’s front door just as the key for the Power Symbol will not initiate the AHS or Mental Emotional Symbol.  Each symbol has its own code vibration activated by speaking the symbol’s name (key) three times.  I will say that Reiki Energy will continuously flow without being keyed once you are attuned, but you will not have any specific key energy at work during this type of activation.   There are many different keys of activation with each symbol that will be discussed later.

What exactly does the Hon sha ze sho nen do? What is its key job?

1. The purpose of the Hon sha ze sho nen is multi-faceted.  It will connect your Light Intention to the Light Intention of someone thousands of miles away or on the chair in front of you.  It holds the integrity of the intent over great distances and allows you to interact with the frequencies of Light required for each connection.   (My intent is always to allow the correct vibration to flow that is necessary for each individual healing.)

You can place a second AHS over the first for additional clarity and more energy.  I have placed the AHS on every vertebrate of the spine when working with back problems allowing the AHS to hold the specific frequency that each individual vertebrate requires.  A damaged vertebrate requires a different frequency than a healthy vertebrate.   I usually add additional Light to each tube with the intention of surrounding and cushioning each vertebrate allowing the necessary movement and healing to take place.  Try this approach and see what happens during the process.

It isn’t necessary to tell the energy what to do; your job is to key in the symbols and hold the energy in place allowing the known frequency to reset to a perfect healthy balance.  The more you can allow, moving out of the way of the energy, the better the outcome of each healing.  When scrambling eggs, you are the energy holding the spatula moving it around a little and knowing when they are scrambled.  You are not the eggs, skillet or the heat source!  Knowing what part you play in each healing is important and essential.

Get creative with the Hon sha ze sho nen; it has its own intelligence and will only do what it does best.  There have been studies of sending healing energy to participants in the next room and 900 miles away and both received the energy at the same time.   Cell phones are the easiest way to explain how the Light of God works.  Think about it!  You are not connected to anything tangible when you use a cell phone, but you are able to talk to someone in another country or in another room just the same.  The Hon sha ze sho nen works the same way and is far more dependable, never dropping the connection until you are through.

2. You can travel back in time to an event in the tube of Light, ‘Hon sha ze sho nen,’ and set in motion the energy of change by forgiving the past.  I have seen it work in my life as well as the lives of others as we reap the rewards of forgiveness.  The world around you will out-picture the change.  Only then can we stop living our history that has kept us locked into the victim consciousness of low vibrational thinking.   Be victorious as you allow yourself to grow from all the fertilizer that has piled up in your life.  Recognize the summer, fall, winter, spring of your life.  It’s called change!  Change can be a very good thing.

I received a fortune cookie the other day that read; a man that has never made any mistakes has not lived a life worth while.  I put it in my pocket and added it to my collection of wise sayings.

3. You can travel to the future and put an energy field in place that will be beneficial to an upcoming event such as a medical procedure, celebration event, speaking engagement, evaluation, lawyers, etc.  The energy field is not to change anything, but to hold your intent in place until the event occurs.  A warning here!  Be careful you only send the vibration of the Highest Light you are capable of holding.  If you worry, that will be the vibration you will be sending.

I send my Light before me everywhere I go and when it is something really important to me I send it in a tube of Light, ‘Hon sha ze sho nen’ which will anchor my intent in place and hold the integrity of the intent until the event occurs.   Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things so I always send a tube of Light to everyone present in the office and to every tooth in my head and give permission for all energies necessary for a perfect outcome to be anchored in place.  When I arrive the pathways have been cleared for all God Energies to be present and work in my behalf.

4. To add power, it is recommended that the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol be placed in a sandwich of Cho Ku Rei and I have found that using the Antahkarana Masculine and Feminine symbols are most beneficial at keeping a healing grid working over long periods of time.  Once the grid is established you re-energize the grid as you place it in the tube of light.

I usually draw the symbol into my palms or visualize the symbol moving from my third eye to my palms.  If you are a Master Level you can use Violet Breath to open the palms to receive additional energy.  Once my palms are activated I command the Hon sha ze sho nen by speaking the name three times and giving the command to go to work.  Commanding means giving the energy present permission to go to work and activating the intelligence in whatever action is taking place.  The Power Symbol is great for energizing your body before a healing by placing the PS into each chakra and sensing the change.

For instance, I might layer the Power Symbol on top of the initial symbol I have keyed.  When this possibility registered with my conscious mind I gave permission to my subconscious mind to install the programs necessary to receive the most benefit of all symbols and to run automatically.  Yes, I activate a lot of programs to run automatically for my benefit so I don’t have to command every time I need a system to work.  All I have to do then is stay in a state of gratitude and appreciation always giving thanks for the energies of God working within.

5. Here we go:  I call in the vibrational frequency of the AHS for every healing whether in person or on the phone.  I place whomever in a tube of Light, thus giving additional protection and assistance to the healing taking place.  Whenever speaking to anyone on the phone whether it’s a healing or not the clarity of conversation is magnified.  You can see the Light body of the individual just as though they were in the room with you.   I am truly amazed at how simple the process has become.  Again I must add that I have built a rapport with the symbols and have great respect and gratitude for the intelligence of each symbol.    If used on the phone you can connect quicker to the Light Body of the individual you are working with.



Distance Healing Sessions

Distance healing is working in the Field of God Light through something like a wormhole, “that you may have heard about on Star Trek.” It connects you to another from great distances and allows the frequency of healing to take place.  When using the Hon sha ze sho nen, the distance symbol in Reiki Level II, you activate a tube of “Light” that connections you and the subject from 5 miles to 5000 miles.  Distance doesn’t matter when working with God Light.  I have family in Pakistan and work with them daily and I live in Tennessee (USA).  (It’s quantum reality)
After I have placed the subject in a tube of “Light” I then view their image on a blank wall.  They will appear to me in holographic form, like Princess Leah in Star Wars. I then proceed to communicate with the intelligence within the “Light” that will allow me to interact with any” Light” that needs a correction.  I have found that when I tell the subject what I see in their “Light” it usually corrects itself instantly or we may need to go a little deeper and look at other “Light” attached to the existing “Light” that may need a frequency change.
Remember this is real, you are working in God’s Country when you are sending or receiving distance healing and assistance is readily available whenever you need it…just make the request…it will be heard and answered.  Your main job is to believe that it’s possible and send thanks and gratitude to the Intelligence of God already in your presence.
Each session last over an hour and you will be transformed by the experience. Alexandra 615-849-2530
Distance Healing Session  1 hour $105.00   Appt: 615-849-2530
Email: Alexandra@Energy-Teacher.com

4 thoughts on “Hon sho ze sho nen – Distance Healing

  1. I have done second degree of REIKI. But still I have doubts….
    I have opened one Graphic design shop in kasaragod Kerala.
    So my intention is like ‘more customers should come to my company & also satisfy with my work’. So how could i I use symbolic method of REIKI Healing?

  2. I am very pleased you are using Reiki and yes, Reiki will assist you in acheiving your goals. First I have a quote by David Hawkins: Beliefs are the determinant of what one experiences in life. Unconscious counter beliefs get you what you unconsciously think…The counter intention within overrules your conscious intention.
    This all means we are ruled by the subconscious programs we have running. Did you know the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie? This is a good thing because you can start telling yourself today how prosperous you are and how many sales you had today and how many are already on the books for tomorrow and if you believe it the tiniest bit with your conscious mind the subconscious will believe it also. Whatever you plant in the subconscious will grow. Start this minute as seeing yourself recognized as a successful business owner by your peers and receiving awards for all your acheivements.
    Now back to Reiki…If you have second degree you can use the distance healing symbol to send Light to the future and know in your heart that it works. I send Light before me everywhere I go regardless if it’s to the grocery or work. Sending Light before you mixed with the energy and quality of the Reiki symbols is a powerful tool. Did you receive the Antaharana symbols with first level Reiki? There is a masculine and femenine symbol that has a very positive influence on manifestations. Place whatever you wish to manifest sandwiched betweed the two symbols and place a few crystals of your choice on top and the activate the power symbol and distance symbol, giving thanks and gratitude for what you know has already happened. You must see it as already happened or it will take a very long time. It also makes things run smoother is you can smile while you show how grateful you all for all the goodness in your life at this very moment. If you can’t find satisifactin in this moment it slows down your ability to manifiest. So, speed things along by believing in yourself no matter what is showing up in your world. Look at your life as if you are Sherlock Holmes and look for clues instead of condemming or blaming yourself or others.
    I know you can do this and I will send Reiki prayers your way…Love and Light…Alexandra

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