02232014_6x9_SoftCover_SpiritualTecnhology_v3Yippee! I’m an Author of  “Two Books Now!”

“Spiritual Technology of Distance Healing”  Is filled with information on how distance healing works and how to see on the Inner Planes, assisting you in unlocking those doors to the Superconscious Mind giving us access to the Supernatural side of life. It seems filled with lots of mystical, magical theory, but it’s science and spirituality coming together and giving birth to Spiritual Technology. It’s a good thing.

If you click on products you will see “My Book” then Click on “My Book” and it will tell you about my first book “Seven Steps To Activating Your Supernatural Funnybone.” It’s a light hearted book full of jokes and inspirational messages to assist those on their path, letting them know that laughter makes the trip easier.

4 Steps to becoming a more efficient healer. Secrets from a Seasoned Healer.

  “How to open and close a Healing”

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“Simple Reiki Attunement Illustrated Guide”

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  Necessary Tool for every Reiki Master! Check it out!

Reiki Re-Attunement Workshop Coming Up!

 Murfreesboro, Tennessee

2015 Dates: April 25&26     September 12&13

Find your inner healer and set them free! Reiki Workshops

open the door for the Natural healer to emerge.

It’s innate within all of us.





Coming very soon: How to interview the subconscious of your client & How to start a healing business.


Start a New Part time Career for 2015

Need assistance with your finances or guidance from your subconscious?

Tarot Weekend Intensive Workshops
Learn the Language of the Cards…How to speak Tarot
Course Facilitator: Alexandra Alexander
(Card Reader at Magical Journey for five years)

2015 dates: March 14&15   June 13&14   September 5&6

Early Bird Registration $80.00      At the Door Price $95.00


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Alexandra,
    You gave me my first attunement about four years ago and it was amazing! You might remember me as you said you could see every artery and vein in my legs while you were healing my broken leg.You told me I had strong healing powers at that time and I have been practicing these powers on my wife and dogs with great success. I am very interested in becoming a Reiki master and was wondering how you might be able to help me along this noble path. Thanks, Ted

  2. I would like to order some Angel pictures for gifts, however they are going to different address. Do they all need to come to me? And….Devaya and I had a good time. I met more of her friends and saw some areas of the West that I had not been to before. I had some lessons (of course) and am flowing back into my life here in Hendersonville. You were/are one of the highlights of the trip. Thank you for sharing so many of your gifts with me. Jeanne

  3. Thank you Alexandra for putting the well needed information here on this physical realm.
    You have the Best “third eye” that I have ever seen on any Healer. Good luck on your book tour and all your endeavors.

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