Healthy Tips for Busy People

Looking good in the neighborhood!

Looking good in the neighborhood!

Being in agreement with a new way of eating takes patience with the cook. I have cleaned out my cupboards of all things not Paleo and replaced them with supplies that are handy when I am trying a new recipe. I have already made three cups of ghee and my own chicken bouillon for recipes. I have saved a half-pint of bacon grease to have on hand in the fridge to season greens and others delights when I stir-fry. Just got my yogurt maker and plan on making my first batch of coconut milk yogurt this week. (You can use this in place of sour cream.)

When I cook I make sure that enough is cooked for two or three days. Yesterday I cooked enough Southern Fried Paleo Chicken to last three days and froze three more servings for busy times. This is such a time saver and gives you plenty to serve at home and lunches for work.

Finding Almond flour, coconut flour and palm sugar was pretty easy. The hard part was getting the new ingredients at an affordable price. After I find out what I really need and like I will probably buy in bulk and will let you know where the best buys are found. Right now I am still learning how to cook and enjoy this delicious way of eating.

I am now wearing that pair of white clam digger pants that lacked two or more inches to zip and button two months ago. I feel very pleased with myself as I sashay around in my polished cotton britches.

I would like to report that I am very seldom hungry and all cravings for sweets are totally gone. A doughnut or brownie wasn’t safe around me before I started Paleo and now it can mold over before I even think about sweets. This is the most fascinating thing to me that something so powerful as sweets that ruled my world for so long has now diminished to nothingness. Wow! What a relief.

Happy healthy trails to you all…Love and Light…Alexandra Alexander