Greasy Fingers Never Lie

Potato chipLife is like an open bag of potato chips. We can’t eat just one! We crunch away with wild abandon as we break another promise to ourselves of not eating processed fat. Did we break the Laws of the Universe? Yes we did because we broke a promise we made to ourselves.

Why do we do it over and over? We are not stupid people and totally understand the consequences of eating fatty snacks. It’s because of the programs we have stored in our Soul Computer. The Soul Computer knows all our secrets, even the ones we have forgotten and will activate them whenever a lesson is needed.

For instance: Just like the potato chip bag, we do the same with relationships. We keep reaching for the same thing expecting a different outcome. What is the payoff we are expecting from this new experience? Ask if this is the same old potato chip in a different bag.

We have to come to the place of recognizing we are the ones with the greasy fingers as we take full responsibility for our actions. Only then can we allow change to happen in our world. That’s when we will look at the heart of the person instead of the tight fitting jeans.

It’s always a program running that we can delete and create another more beneficial belief that is the real truth.

Release the guilt and know you deserve to enjoy life’s caloric pleasures, just not a truck load full.

Love and Light…Alexandra