Family Reunion with Siblings

To prevent regrets in the future enjoy your family while they are still up-right. Don’t wait to gather around a casket to see friendsfamily 1 Aug and relatives. Brothers and sisters are too precious to take for granted.

Four girls and two boys made a very noisy home when I was growing up. My brother Archie was quiet, but caused a lot of the noise by picking at us all the time. He felt like it was his duty to have our attention all the time. We have called him many names that you never heard in Sunday School and he deserved them all. That was over fifty years ago and he’s still the same, just uses different tactics.

We had so much fun last week when ArchieĀ and his wife visited. We laughed at his jokes and yes, he set us up a couple of times. We are a gullible bunch and fall for the same things over and over. I keep trying to out-do him, but it isn’t possible. I surrendered and gave him my laughter as a gift for coming to see me.

We are all receiving Social Security checks and some of us have been receiving them for years now. Time slips away…don’t waist it by postponing a visit or sending a card. Celebrate the family by loving every minute you have with them.

Loving the trails that lead to brothers and sisters…Alexandra Alexander