Exercise to Awaken Your Psychic Centers

Give your natural awareness a helping hand to awaken your psychic centers. Find a quiet place to practice while sitting erect in a comfortable straight- backed chair. Schedule five to ten minutes a day to practice and it will soon become a natural part of your day. (21 days create a new habit)

Using your right hand, place the forefinger directly on the center of your forehead about one inch above the bridge of your nose. Then place your thumb on the right side of your nose near the right eye and your middle finger on the left side, almost as if you were grasping the upper part of your nose between your thumb and middle finger.

Maintain this position as you take a deep breath and hold it for the count of ten. As you do, feel the energy running down your right arm, up into your hand and down your index finger into your head. Then exhale. Repeat the exercise five times without moving your hand.

Practice this every day as this exercise stimulates the pituitary gland and attunes it with the pineal gland in the center of your head. These glands are the physical terminals of your major head centers that activate clairvoyance and other psychic skills.  When these centers communicate with each other, they bring you to a higher sense of perception in all psychic activities.  You will also be activating the mind centers, which are the brains of the chakras that are associated with psychic development.The more you bring the awareness of the possibilities of psychic development to your conscious state of mind the quicker you will attain results.

During my research I have learned that psychic skills are a natural state of being when you are five years old or younger, because you are still consciously connected to your Divine Self. Why is this important to know? If you can pretend you are five when you are performing any psychic activity and smile while you are in the process you will experience greater relults.  Because you can attain the alpha state quickly and slip out of beta when you are five, because it’s a natural state of Being for those five and younger! The cardboard box is truly your race car or castle in the alpha state. It is in this altered state of consciousness that we perform psychic skills.The more flexibility you have in changing these states, the easier it will be to perfect whatever psychic skill you desire. The more you can control your consciousness, the more you can control your life.  It’s unnatural for us not to use all our God given senses! After a while you will find yourself slipping back and forth as needed from one state of being to another.

love and Light…Alexandra

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