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  2. Namaste!
    I was hoping you could tell me if you have a email newsletter where I could be notified when you have new articles available on your web page? Thank you!

  3. Dear Alexandra,

    It’s John. I miss you so much!!!

    I’ve already written you an email and then my system had a physical memory crash. By the way your site is not showing up in Google and you may want to have your web site handler look into that for meta-tags that will bring your site up under various search results. The recipes! Nice touch. I’m depressed like a beached dolphin. You should include your videos on there too! 🙂

    I would call you up briefly and talk but I wanted to write you a bit to give you an idea of irritation that I’ve been experiencing for awhile now. It seem to go into high gear after my uproot from Nashville into a total noisy fiasco in Texas by people there perpetuated by dysfunctional insanity over there and strange high weirdness that lead an ex-gf (clairvoyant) to wonder if I’ve ever been involved in black magic. I had some strange paranormal happenings going on around the place that I was staying and bizarre dreams. Much like the craziness that lead me over to Nashville out of Pensacola where I was briefly coming out of horrid Atlanta market and a crazy guy rejected by many established schools of divinity influenced the murder of the abortion clinic doctor and his 2 boys from a church wanted to kidnap me. That wanted to perform an exorcism because I would stand up to him when it wasn’t necessary for me to be that way and being intuitive freaked him out. He was obsessed with me as if wanting to be my mentor sort of thing for his church. A social worker became worried and was putting together a Bakers Act to have him removed from the population before my split for Nashville. Anyway, there was a lot of paranormal high weirdness all around that and I remember you mentioning black magic was involved when I 1st arrived.

    When you have the time. Check out Lisa Renee’s Youtube videos. It totally resonates with so much that I’ve had to deal. She has a well put together website kind of parallel to the Keylontic Material in regards to Ascension. I was reading this material in the late 90s around the time when I met a woman urgently needed to speak to me that I crossed paths with at a Borders Bookstore in Marietta, GA. That was in 1998 when I 1st heard of StarSeeds and my father being a chosen POD (passage). She gave me a life reading and everything has come to pass so far. My father for as far back as I can remember has a fascination with e.t.

    This gets into a bit of a extraterrestrial area that we never talked much about but you may find montalk.net interesting. I’ve actually studied it to make sense of the strangeness that I’ve been dealing with in navigating the craziness with widespread cyberstalking and psychic attacks – drainage via web technology from human interception by lurking strangers. The 1st time I encountered this was in early 2000s when some guy was following me around being manipulated by “negs” according to Dawn Stranges who I met through the Dynasphere project. He was into practice of dark occult out of goth community and she described him as “spidey” because he was latched down on me like a squid sucking life force out of me through the either. He was a friend of a friend of a co-worker on livejournal.com. The way that the web is going these days I can people being vulnerable to this unaware and people actually stealing energy not aware themselves as Scott was. They were using him to drain me. I was 500 miles away in Pensacola before I learned that was going on and she pryed him off of me. Then, I turn around and the crazy guy next door. Gawd, will it stop.


    The thing about my experience with Scott is that with the new cyberstalking epidemic it’s as if a feeding ground or a circuitry for “negs” to work through and my mention of this in the past via text messages to a buddy who has his own experiences and I’ve had angry entities come swarm in and around my field coming from people – strangers monitoring me that’s around them.

    I just want to say that I do recall what you say about being grounded when it come to interference. I understand this and I find great power being connected with mother earth that was the anchor of sanity as a child. This has gotten into a whole new level of having to navigate things.

    You’re more focused on the healing arts area and I’m sure that don’t spend much time following right-wing conspiracy theory subjects which I haven’t myself. I do follow things for awareness and knowledge on matters but I don’t overwhelm myself with things that I can’t control. A buddy of mine before his departure for Montana observed “chemtrails” for the 1st time only having read about them not sure what to think about it. We’re in a Rural area my experience with the cyberstalking has lead me to this because sometimes I can’t tell if some of the experiences that I have by the drainage – attacks by web tech communications are from some advanced technology or human. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s human and spirit world origin. Like with that guy Scott, “Spidey”, I just mentioned. I’ve had job difficulties and have been kicked out of stores as if in some strange zombie land covering their butts because I’m aware and what people are doing is illegal to begin with blurring Facebook – Twitter with your phone (internet) usage.

    Small towns connected by vast fields and there isn’t much to do unlike Nashville but probably hang out on Facebook.. Areas like this hypothetically would be a great testing ground for any kind government experiment on social break down and control distributing apps for monitering one another.


    I have had terrestrial towers breathing down my neck and they should have never known who I am having never made any contact with me. We’re on the same wavelength so I don’t know what that was all about. … David Wilcock, the author psychic, actually had a post up at his website divinecosmos.com about right wing radio scouring around through the digital lives of private citizens. I read his post after it was already a fact from my own observation.

    Since I last spoke to you I’ve had been thrown out of my computer chair across the kitchen floor with multiple people (?) walking around me and one drag me over with his hand over the top of my head somehow manipulating my field connected to neurons and was trying to make me kneel down to him.

    Months prior to that I had 4-5 wolves come up through here and attack me. They walk right up the steps and one step right in my field and it was trying to merge with me and it gave out this fist clinching growl.

    One speculation from someone that I bumped into who classified himself as a Goth that followed Legion as Dracula related system not the same as Lucifer said that “The Chief” finds me to be a useful tool. … If that is even at all remotely relevant.

    About a year later, a few months ago I experience – witness a demonic possession as an entity surged through a young friends body. He has a history of drinking and was tipped over by an agitation that seemed to travel around the neighborhood and possibility elsewhere. The agitation made him want to get into fights and he was drinking himself into oblivions and he made an odd comment that I noticed and took him into the bedroom to chat. It wasn’t a full on possession at 1st then it went into a I guess a full on if it’s surging through him with psi accuracy. I tried to get a ID on what it was trying to figure who I was talking to. Anyway, this is another long story or could be. I had death threats made toward me by whatever it was. I talked to it for 4 hours coming in and out the guy and it was psi accurate with all kinds of information answering before I got it out of my mouth in conversation. Very bizarre! So.
    There were two police officers shot by someone with a history of mental disease around the same time when the walked up to his house. That was the same agitation, that ‘angry’ cloud ‘entity’ that moved in and around me a few months ago if you can follow all of this. I actually spoke to him for 4 hours while he was coming in and out of the possession. A lot of people suspect that this kind of thing is what is behind of your mass shootings that go.

    I appreciate your thoughts and meditation on this and any scanning you may perform on this matter. I’m going through a very strange time in my life right now where I have to barricade myself from the outpour of intrusion that has developed by the creation of social media and the new epidemic of cyberstalking. Today, we have to use web technology to function in everyday life. I’m frustrated and my father, doc like ed carlson, is frustrated although he doesn’t quite understand my experiences or what an “empath” is. I need to use web technology to carry out endeavors.

    What I’m having to deal with is a human interference that pours out of the boundless intrusion from a new time when social media pours over into flows our phones or emails conversation with apps that you can download. I’ve done research on it and “cyberstalking” has become “epidemic.” If you have any people who come to you this you might want to be aware of from my research on it. The only solution that I’ve come to is purchasing services from http://www.ipredator.co . That or whatever method that can be used to clear because the white light meditations never work and I can be rolling in the mud daily grounded and still be irritated. Terrence McKinnett has lecture on something parallel to that on youtube “That Shamans Amongst The Machines”. You can relate to that. …

    That just the thing about being very close to earth and a Yaqui Shaman descendent warned me in 1997 to stay away from this because of what it’s turning into in the present day. I’m in an odd position. Debbie Carson told me to get away from that myspace in 2006 via a message on there saying that it was like “bugs flying around a night post “ and that I need to get away from web “technology.” I see what she means now. The thing about it now is that you can’t delete people as way to shield and all you can do is turn the phone and email off which is frustrating. I could go into it again and be irritated, drained and have Xtimes dozens of egos on my virtual cyberstalkie list swarming all around. It swarms around my phone, email and ip addresses. It’s Orwellian on steroids and if this norm continues we’ll be seeing free 1984 television sets. I can only see this happening in areas like where I am and then trickling over into the cities and in a doom and gloom scenario I can see this hypothetically as a way to control one another. I;m focused on a positive future but this new social “media” trend is very annoying and a distraction for a creative life productive life that I wish to lead.
    Last weekend, I was getting blast by an intense psychic attack yanking aka cords hooked into me from out of the unknown void list because my father was clicking through adult material at his office. He laughs about it and I’m psychically drained and miserable until it wears off hours later.

    I know that this is illegal and can pull up cases where people have actually been convicted of this email intrusion (a.k.a Palins hacker). I’m not out to sue anyone I just want to be able function. It depends on if you’re a journalist-wannabe I guess that you can do this without legal authority now every and your neighbor wiretaps freely one another. It’s very strange still stuck in the 90s of computer usage prior to interns checking on their classmates on Facebook that I’ve never have been drawn to. I’m compassionate because there are some who I believe find interest in my nose – research, maybe want to hangout, find me odd as they would you, a platonic friendly chat but then there are those and many who are psychic – energy vampires like Scott (previously mention). I figured out where my chronic headaches were coming from which have been the digestion of my energy via intercepted emails up to my phone to physical evident in your face evident by obvious response or comment as if a journal posting. I backed away from it and relieved and when I email I can start to sense the absorption from people outside of the conversation. I would much rather people be intuitive or gifted than using machines to feel someone out or check in. People are going to turn themselves into Smith Agents (i. e. The Matrix) and then there will be no turning back by an unintentional construction.

    Now days, you can download apps that let you intercept email, i-phone text msgs and conversations which is epidemic technically called cyberstalking and it has become epidemic from my own observation and research. If I wasn’t an “empath” it wouldn’t bother me because I wouldn’t get dizzy or extreme headaches and other symptoms which has ceased since I stopped using a web tech communications aside from typical stress and TMJ.

    I dislike having to barricade myself like this being open approachable person.
    I hope that you are well, Alexandra. If I was around you would have been more up to date on all of this in a very short sum of things. I’m in an odd position. I’d like to think that it’s possible to live the american dream interference free but it seems like my only path for sanity in this society now with gadgets is to become a dull full-fledge buddhist monk.

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