Consequences of Breaking the Laws of the Universe, Part 2

Do I still have consequences if I am not aware of breaking the laws of the Universe? It doesn’t matter if you’re aware or not, the consequences are the same. The change comes with awareness of your actions that brought forth the consequence; a time when you take responsibility for what is showing up in your life.

Where have you entangled your Light? Entanglement means that when we observe a quantum particle it changes because of the act of observation. I know it doesn’t seem fair as we sit with our judgments, while shinning our halo.

In the quantum field you are entangled with whatever is going on by your thinking. Every thought sets forth a wave action in the sea of quantum fields around us. Within the wave is your construct; your thought. When the wave collapses, you get exactly what your thought constructed in the wave function. With the collapse into particles the wave flows out and interferes with every particle around it, creating more of the original thought.

This is fabulous if you allowed yourself to think something different and more beneficial. If not, you will keep having the same situation that you were trying to avoid visit you again and again.

We are living in a quantum existence and the rules as we know them do not serve us anymore. We have to think differently to have something different!