Clearing Chakras

A Freeing the Future Series

Clearing the Chakras – Intent

Our intent of this series is multifaceted. By purifying the bodies and clearing the chakras we can begin to move more so into a higher state of being or level of consciousness. Some of the tools taught in this series allow an individual to participate more fully in their own personal growth. At the same time, the intent includes fostering the development of community with like minded individuals. Our intent includes learning and experiencing spiritual growth techniques focused on energetic transformations. The techniques involve working with other humans and working with non-physical Higher beings such as our Guides, Angels and Hierarchy. In working with others, we will also use Reiki. There is a heavy emphasis on Reiki as a tool for spiritual growth in this series.

Clearing the Chakras Series – Outline

Novice Level:

Two Sunday Workshops

 10:00 – 5:00pm

The objective of this two part workshop includes becoming fluent in kinesiology or muscle testing. Additionally, an understanding of the chakras is gained to the point of being able to begin clearing energetic blocks and leaks within our bodies and chakras. This two part workshop prepares us for the intermediate workshop within this series. With this practical application and knowledge, we will be able to move forward with the clearing process. The first objective, learning kinesiology, is hands on practice. This will begin with testing the physical body for various foods and supplements. We will progress to communicating with the subconscious aspect of ourselves.

Continuing with the kinesiology, we will begin using muscle testing to communicate with the Higher aspects of ourselves as well as our Guides. This is all preparation for using kinesiology or muscle testing to get into the heart of this series, clearing the chakras. Some of the best presentations, concerning an understanding of the chakra system, are by Carolyn Myss. Perhaps one of Carolyn’s best CD sets or books is the Advanced Energy Anatomy. They can be purchased through This book or CD set (9 CDs) provides not only an understanding of the chakras, but also is excellent preparation for this workshop series. This is not for the faint of heart. It takes several times listening to this CD set before most people to begin to get it.

Intermediate Level:

 Friday night 6:00 – 9:00pm & Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

The objective of this workshop is twofold. First, we will learn a very direct way to accomplish clearing the chakras within ourselves. Friday night and Saturday morning we will go through the first seven chakras as we take personal responsibility for our own spiritual growth. Through this clearing process, we will be better able to contribute to the movement of our planet to a higher level of consciousness. We will move quickly through this process as we have laid a strong foundation from the commitment and preparation we exhibit in the novice workshops.

The second objective of this workshop is to use Reiki as a tool of spiritual advancement. On Saturday afternoon, all participants will be re-Attuned to their current level of Reiki. If you want to upgrade to the next level of Reiki communicate with the Energy-Teacher team concerning your desire.

Advanced Level:

 Friday night 6:00 – 9:00pm and

Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

This workshop is very hands on. We will move profoundly through several methods of spiritual growth. On Friday evening, we will experience an Earth chakra clearing meditation. This will help us to be more grounded into this incarnation. Next, we will clear our 7th chakra of the most appropriate block or leak.  The objective is for the seventh chakra to open to the highest vibrations appropriate for each individual.  Then we will experience a mediation to remove the veil over the 8th chakra to facilitate downloads into our 7th chakra. Additionally, we will focus on communicating with the Higher aspects of ourselves as well as our Guides. Perhaps we will open more so to communication with our personal spiritual lineage and Hierarchy. We will look at our Sacred contracts or purpose for this incarnation.  This process will be facilitated through guided meditation.

Saturday afternoon we return to Reiki.  Class members are encouraged to take advantage of upgrading their Reiki Attunements level. (Upgrades are a very modest fee during the workshop) The class series becomes very intimate.  We experience different meditations, energies, and group sharing.  This series is very rewarding on so many different levels. The Attunement method we use is the Tibetan Usui System as taught by The International Center for Reiki Training led by William Lee Rand. In this Attunement system there is a Usui Mastery level Attunement and a Tibetan – Usui Mastery level Attunement.

Clearing the Chakra Series Cost:

The cost of this series is $175.00 per section. If the complete series is paid for at once the cost is $475.

Participants are required to attend the entire series as this is an intimate experience and the group consciousness needs to stay intact.

The Intermediate and Advanced classes include Reiki Attunements. Participants will receive an Attunement at their present level at no charge. If a participant wants to receive an upgrade to the next Reiki level, the cost is $100. This is a very nice value for the money. We encourage people to take advantage of this offer. An Attunement upgrade should be discussed with Alexandra or Barbara beforehand.

The intent of this series is to help create a community of dedicated and committed individuals with a similar focus.  This focus is for us to move together into a higher level of consciousness.  By evolving ourselves we can participate fully in the evolution of our planet and inhabitants.      615-849-2530


Interviews with Workshop Attendees



Where does your mind go when you have a free moment? Do you flog yourself with painful memories or blame those long gone from your life? Do you have particular parts of your life that you go to during your mental recesses? Where are you most of the time—Past, Present, or Future? Conventional wisdom says that it is wise for us to learn from our mistakes but also that the past predicts the future. Do you ever feel trapped in your own life story?


The future contains unbridled possibilities since it holds our hopes and dreams. Yet when we examine our mind and heart, we find that our energy is focused on the past. This incongruent application of our beings causes inefficient creational processes. The creational moment is the present Now.


In the Energy-Teacher “Creating the Future” workshop, you will examine and remove those energy “inefficiencies” that diminish your creative capabilities. Using a mix of Reiki energy, Kinesiology, and Chakra arch types, your energy “bleeding” will be found and triaged so that your creative abilities are engaged to fulfill your life purpose.


Alexandra (Energy-Teacher founder and Reiki Master) has crafted together different healing modalities to create a life changing experience for her students. She calls it her short course to “Enlightenment”.

Here’s what some of her students say about “Freeing the Future”…


It’s a journey of self discovery. When you experience it yourself and you see how it takes you to another level you see it’s importance to others. I knew that I had to take this class to get to the next level. I couldn’t walk away from this training. I really wanted to be part of the group. I had a very strong feeling that it would really expand my knowledge and that it would change my life. (Mary)


I had a vision during the workshop. The vision involved the image of a root that stretched vertically into infinity with branches with my family members attached. It became clear to me that I was part of that tree system and that as each person evolves their energy nourishes the tree and then the root. In this way, my growth affects my whole family past, present, and future. (DB)


To share the same path on a journey through spiritual practice was exciting. It actually helped me to release and forgive past issues, I felt there was a supportive environment. (MY)


The intimacy of the group and how comfortable I felt about being honest was perhaps a surprise. The group’s sincerity and genuine responses elevated the sacredness of each moment and engaged my heart. I felt that I had a quantum leap in my awareness. (Marge)


I had a friend come over to me that I hadn’t seen in a year in a half and I had done these techniques with her. She was changed after the session. I followed up with her the next day, she said “ you are so different. When I walked into your home there was so much joy and peace. Years ago you weren’t as happy or peaceful”. I know I am standing in my own power and being true to myself. I have a way to deal with life. (Sue)


I am using kinesiology more confidently and have had a clearing of my eleventh chakra. This is heightening my intuitive abilities. A few of us performed a healing as a group for a friend of mine that was having a blood clot issue. The effect was immediate on her pain and we helped her to leave the hospital quickly. I have also had an ability to further heal my knees and back which has been causing me pain for the past 6 months. (Marge)


People have noticed a change in me. I learned that everything that I do affects my emotional body and physical body. My spirit can be affected in a positive or negative way. I perceive it more now and may voice it. When I say things I feel it immediately. If I send a zinger someone’s way I now feel it as a zinger to me. I have learned to be very careful with my words and what I say. You can truly hurt someone by your words. That is very powerful. It’s like having someone there to smack you when you make mistakes. The consequences of my actions are felt internally immediately. You leave the class with a sense of accountability. Our actions affect many people not just one spiritually. I am not emotional but now I perceive things more. I see things sometimes and I want to cry and then I wonder what is going on. I am more sensitive now. I can feel the impact on the world. I am trying to send more “good vibes”. It’s not about what others think or judge, it’s about the spiritual consequences.


It stays with you and affects every aspect of your life. (Vicki J)



It’s not necessary to be a Reiki practitioner or even know what Reiki is to take this workshop. You don’t even have to know about kinesiology or the chakras. You might, however, want to come equipped with a little courage and a sincere desire to grow. Come, be embraced in a place where miracles do happen.

2 thoughts on “Clearing Chakras

  1. Aloha dear One,
    I have been in self healing for 13 years.. I have become aware in many aspects of spiritual healings. I have met with Kahuna’s in Hawaii and Shamans in Peru. I have finally hit Home Plate. I’am Awake.! .. I believe i still need to clear my Chakra’s in order to use my full psychic abilities in life for myself and others… Please kindly, send to me info on the above 3part series ,Chakra Clearings.. Namaste, Valerie

  2. Aloha Valerie,
    You must be in Hawaii? Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to know more about clearing your chakras. I am so sorry to tell you that we do not have a Clearing the Chakras Workshop scheduled for the near future. However I would love to interview you sometime and find out what your subconscious wants you to know regarding your Spiritual Development. Again I am pleased that you visited and would love to talk to you sometime and thank you for assisting planet earth as you evolve into the Spiritual Being of Light that is your true destiny…Love and Light…Alexandra 615-849-2530

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