Channeling Vibrational Healing Light

asiclarity-angelChanneled healing energy has a Living Intelligence that needs to be respected just as any other intelligent Being. I am speaking of Divine Intelligence that is all encompassing, the omnipresence of God.
You are working with the cosmic forces of Universal Light when you channel. Love is the special key frequency that unlocks the Rays of Light used when healing. You are healing with a vibration not an intended action. The healing occurs when the frequency is changed by the amout of Light you allow to enter through you.
The Light is ever-present, unlimited and waiting to be your partner in whatever frequency you choose to vibrate. By this we mean the Light has properties, defined by color that changes frequencies according to your interaction. You can check this out by using different color rays of Light Energy. Have someone give you feedback on the Light you are sending to them whether they are present or at a distance. Space is non-consequential when interacting with Light.

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