Channeling Vibrational Healing Light II

bg-portrait8“Words  become vibrations of energy with a destiny dictated by the frequency of our spoken truth.”

Channel Light with your intent of truth and you will receive the truth you seek.  Whether it’s for healing or conversation with your Higher Self.  It’s the Universal Law of giving and receiving.  Whatever you seek will be given to you if you are true in heart and believe in yourself.   As you give so shall you receive.

Others entrain to our frequency just like strings on two violins. One being played, the other receiving the frequency through vibration.  We become the instrument of change as we vibrate at a higher frequency.  Our Truth becomes the Truth of those around us when the Truth is pure and of God.
We are Light Beings and have the ability to make a difference not only in our life, but in the life of many just by being REAL.  “They know you by your Light, your Light goes before you and received before you arrive.”   Circumstance (outcome) will be according to the instructions (intent) you sent in the Light.

4 thoughts on “Channeling Vibrational Healing Light II

  1. Understanding and interperting the Light has been my focus for some time now. Becoming still in the Presence of Light will bring forth a quietness of belief that permeates to the core of our Being. Not so much as understanding, but becoming the understanding. Not thinking, just living the Light that is present.

  2. Every thougth we have turns into a frequency of Light according to the intent and focus of the spoken or silent words. We channel Light with intent according to our thoughts. Every thought we have concerning others is receivied on some level and they will know. Not consciously at first but, eventually becoming apparent as it out-pictures in your life.

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