Channeling Love, Light & the Other Side


Channeling love and light

Channeling love and light

The work we do must be altruistic in nature.  The main objective in achieving psychic power is for the empowerment and betterment of yourself, others and your environment.  Your work must be of Love and not selfish intent.  If it’s not of Love don’t do it for it will return to the sender 3 fold.  It must be for a Higher Purpose.  “Always through Love,” not through meddling.  Watch for that fine line of meddling from all you do-gooders.  “A do-gooder wants everyone to be spiritual and evolved, just like them.”  It’s an imposition on others when we expect them to be like us.  We do not have the right to change anyone!  We do however have the right to change ourselves.  When we change, the other person we so desperately wanted to change, changes before our eyes.

We are Light Beings and have the ability to make a difference not only in our life, but in the life of many just by being REAL.  They know you by your Light, your Light goes before you and received before you arrive.  Circumstance (outcome) will be according to the instructions (intent) you sent in the Light.


      Don’t try so hard.

The first few seconds we meet someone gives us the most accurate reading from their energy field.  Pay attention to what you receive in the way of impressions.  After 5 seconds your logical mind turns on and you start forming opinions and try to figure things out.  That’s the time we get in trouble and don’t follow our gut instinct.


      Command:  Simply means you give the energy you are working with instruction or permission to go to work.  You must issue a command or it will be like sitting in front of your computer and you haven’t touched the keys to complete your intention of entering cyberspace.   The connection must be made by your intention.


       Channeling: Channeling is opening for the Spirit to flow through you.  Don’t confuse channeling with being a medium, which is letting an energy take control of your body.  Channeling is connecting to Source and bringing through the information you are seeking.  You are the recipient of the energy/information.  First you connect to Spirit with your question and then you give Spirit the command to go to work and bring the message through.   You then put your thoughts aside and let the message come in.  You have to be in a place of receiving and not let your thoughts get in the way.  After you propose the question, clear your mind and be with Spirit in Love.  “Open to receive.”   It takes just a little practice and you will understand how it works.  Always have a tape recorder handy or a note pad because you will be saying some things you didn’t know you knew.


      Channeling for Yourself:  Get quiet; ask your question and open to receive the answer.  We have another name for this:  its called holding conference with yourself.  Get ready for some really cool stuff to come through.  Quit all the doubting, you’re really channeling information.  I am truly amazed by the answers I receive about personal questions when I step aside and let God speak.


      Channeling for Others: Connect with the person you are working with by touching the crown or shoulders, get quiet, and ask the question, then open to receive the answer.  I know this sounds simplistic, but it really is an easy thing.  It only takes a little while to get accustomed to receiving information on a conscious level.  You already receive lots of information unconsciously.  You have been taking those hunches and instant thoughts for granted.  My job is to make you aware that you are talking to a Higher Power and not just yourself. When you become aware that Spirit is with you all the time, your ability to deal with everyday life gets a lot easier.  After some practice you can channel for anyone wherever they are at any given time.  You can even go back in time and channel for them.


       Protection:    Step One:  Establish your Divine Presence on earth by stating it three times while sending a cord of energy into the earth, anchoring and holding the space for your work. Call in your guides and Angelic Directors; give them permission to go to work during the channeling.   I always give permission and issue the command for a Higher Power to protect and guide me.   This gives me Divine Protection and keeps me in the flow of God and the Universal Light.

Step Two: Fill yourself with Golden Light before any Spiritual Exercise.  I use Golden Light morning and night and sometimes during the day as a shower inside and out.  Just have it enter your crown and turn to liquid Love as it flows throughout your body, inside and out.  This Golden Elixer of God’s love will warm your Soul and calm your Spirit.  This is a form of protection because it keeps your energy field clear and free of openings from any unsanctioned attachments.


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