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New Booklet for the new healer…”How to Open and Close a Healing”

Questions you may have about opening and closing a healing session?
1. What is the quantum field and what does it have to do with my sessions?
2. Why acknowledge the Light in the field before each healing?
3. Are we connecting to intelligence somehow?
4. Do I need special training to connect to the quantum field?
5. How will I know when I am connected?
6. Will anyone explode if I do it wrong?
7. What is Oneness?
8. What is the first step in opening someone to receive a Light correction?
9. How do I know when I am finished opening someone?


Step One: Start with your opening prayer holding the feet.



All your questions are answered in four easy steps to follow, from your opening prayer to sealing the auric field after the healing in this handy little 20 page booklet.

Includes healing guidelines and information on the subconscious and the quantum field; including picture directions.

All my students have found the information to be a valuable guide after their attunement. Use these guidelines until you feel secure as a healer; then write your own guidelines.  These are tried and true suggestions that have worked effectively for me over the years.

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Healing is innate within all of us!  We’re not aware of our abilities because of programming from the world around us, that includes family beliefs.  Whatever the family believes, you will believe also, until you don’t.

To experience your ability to heal you must first let go of all the pre-conceived notions that have carried over from generation to generation.  Let your mind accept new ideas and embrace a new reality.  Yes, it’s that simple to make a change!

Anyone can do what I do; Beloved Master Jesus said, “these things that I do, you can do and even greater than these.”  Being willing to be different and stepping outside the norm is essential to developing what some call the “Superpowers of Healing.”  You will learn how to vibrate within the quantum field around you.

Cho Ku Rei plain

Cho Ku Rei: Usui First Level Power Symbol

There are various methods of healing available to the initiate.  Usui Reiki is the method of healing that found me many years ago and expanded my world.   My heart smiles when I realize I can bring the same joy to your world.  You get to make the choice!

What is so great about Reiki are the symbols.  The Reiki Symbols are keys to doorways of energy.  The Symbols have their own intelligence and will work with your intellegence in a symbiotic relationship.

What’s it all about? It’s all about changing the frequency in the body.  When we are sick our vibration is low and out of sink with our natural state of health; we are unplugged from our source Light in the quantum field.  All we need to do is find a way of increasing the volume of Light we are holding in our cells and we will heal.  Reiki is one way to increase our abilities in connecting to the quantum field around us and supercharging our Light, bringing us to a perfect state of healing ourselves.

Healing Your Grandkids and other Family Members:  My grandchildren respond quickly to the healing energy flowing through my field when they are sick and I very seldom activate the Reiki symbols when bringing them back into balance with their perfect health.  Simply holding them and loving them seemed to be enough when they were little tykes.   The Reiki energy of Love is always  activated within us and it’s amplified when someone is sick, especially if that someone is close to you like a grandchild. They seemed to vibrate to my energy and the healing took place like magic, but we know it’s not magic it’s simply their energy becoming one with my energy.  In other words they could heal twice as fast as adults when they came in contact with cold and flu viruses.

It amazes me at how fast they will heal even with a bad cold or a case of the flu. It usually takes about four or five hours of concentrated work in their field for flu and they will go from having a fever and listless on the sofa to wanting something to eat while slipping on shoes to go out and play.  Now that they are older I use all the Reiki Symbols on them when doing a healing.

They call and tell me to send them Light when they feel bad or get hurt playing or they have their mom bring them over for a healing.  I get the biggest kick out of them knowing that all we have to do is change the frequency and they will heal.  It’s really cool!

 What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive technique for reducing pain, increasing vitality and promoting deep relaxation.  A form of hands-on-healing, it seeks to unblock and move energies throughout the body.  The goal is to produce a balanced flow of Universal Life Force Energy in Body, Mind and Spirit.  Reiki unblocks cellular memory creating perpetual cell growth of new and healthy cells, thus slowing down the aging process.  This connection completes the cycle of regeneration and restarts the body’s natural clock.

Reiki balances energies in the body, clears blockages, cleans out poisons, helps detoxify on many levels.  Reiki can be used on self, others, animals, plants, food, water, weather, anything containing life force.  

We take it a step farther and bring Usui Reiki into the Quantum Realm.  Learning how to activate the powers of Reiki in the Quantum Field is taught in each class.  It simplifies the art of healing.

 What is Life Force Energy

Life Force is an energy that is accepted into the body with each breath and the body organizes it to be used in many ways.  When we combine the Reiki symbols with Life Force Energy and the energy passes through the symbols, it becomes a Living Force.  Each Reiki Symbol is the key to a doorway of energy; when mixed with Life Force the energy forms an intelligence that organizes the energies for a designated purpose.

Energy is a part of every movement we make every step we take and every breath we breathe.  Every thought we have involves energy.  Those thoughts have a home and will go where they are intended.  “Be careful what you think!”  Manifestation starts in our thoughts and materializes in the physical.  We are all ‘Masters of Manifestation,’ are you using this energy wisely?

 We are all connected by the energy that flows in, through and around us at all times.  Our energy fields touch everyone we come in contact with.  We are especially attached to those closest to us.  Filaments of light that look like tiny strings connect us to all things we have ever encountered until we cut those strings. (yes you can stay connected for years) We have connections to inanimate objects such as the home we grew up in or the school we attended as a child.  You can have energetic ties associated with a location where trauma has occurred.  Some ties must be cut to give relief and mobility for our Soul’s journey.

Attunement Classes are available for you to receive the gift of Reiki Healing.  Advanced Healing Classes are available for you to develop your healing abilities to become all that you wish to become.

The Little Black Dress called Reiki: The Light energy of Reiki mixes well with every modality.  I call Reiki the “Little Black Dress,” it works great on its own or you can add anything to the ensemble and it just keeps getting better.  I have added many modalities to my Little Black Dress over the years and use them in a combination of my own Divine Design.  Richard Gordon published a book on Polarity years ago and I worked with his information and added different hand positions working the Meridian Systems of the body.  It added a new dimension to my sessions.  The Reconnection Energies work well with Reiki.  When I added Quantum Touch, another Richard Gordon modality, the breathing techniques added still another dimension.  Every energetic technique is embraced by the loving accepting aspect of Reiki.

Reiki enhances everything you touch.  Reiki enhances the apple I am about to eat and the sandwich on my plate.  Whatever I touch is imbued with Reiki Energy. ‘Just think about it a minute.’  This means I am leaving the Divine signature of Reiki on everything my Reiki hands touch and everywhere my Reiki feet walk.

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