Archetypes, Chakras & Subconscious Mind

What do they have in common?  Why do we need to understand them?

 ‘They are all heavily immersed in the unconscious’

If it’s unconscious then how do we access these parts of ourselves?  How do we connect to the Chakras?  How do we have a conversation with our Archetypes?  If it’s all in the invisible part of our world what do we do as we unconsciously stumble through life?

We are totally working with an unconscious aspect of ourselves in this workshop. (Clearing the Chakras)  When we think of Archetype, we are working with a Universal thought locked in the unconscious, a language the unconscious is fluent in.  We are not even aware we are working with these thoughts, but we are…for instance you can know someone for years and be very close to them, even have sexual experiences with them and get along great…then you decide its time to get married.  The same two people that got along so well now have a new set of rules to follow once the marriage contract is signed.   What changed?  You are now working under the Archetypal influence of the Marriage contract (the word contract alone says something doesn’t it?) and all the unconscious beliefs attached to that Archetype.  Remember the unconscious is fluent in Archetype! What if you want to work instead of having children?  Have a career instead of being a housewife?  Marry the same sex?  Be a house husband?  Your Archetype steps in and says that was not in the contract!  The unconscious begins to rub against your consciousness making friction and sometimes fires.  The Archetype is not your nemeses its just there to tell you that you have the option to change what is going on, a way of looking at the patterns being repeated over and over again in your life.  Your Archetype will tell you; this is really what’s going on here, if you will listen.

The real deal here is about learning to work in the unconscious/subconscious in a conscious way.  When you think of chakras you think about an invisible part of us that plays a great role in explaining how we emotionally deal with our different stages of developing emotionally in life.  As we journey through the first three chakras we’re learning how to deal with life in a much grounded way.  We are totally in our head as we learn survival techniques from those closest to us, the family.  We are locked in place with the Victim in the first chakra, that’s why we have so many counselors telling us to stop blaming Mom and Dad and get on with our lives.  How about the prostitute in the second chakra that tells us you had better marry a guy with money and status if you ever want to have anything and be happy in this lifetime.  The Saboteur in the third chakra saying, are you sure you are capable of doing this? You may not be able to do it on your own, remember last time?

We’ve all been there and some of us are still pretty much stuck there as we continue to blame everyone around us for all the crazy things happening in our lives.  We choose not to look at the consistent patterns that keep reoccurring in our lives.  When we can come to the place of understanding that it’s just the Soul allowing you to connect to someone else’s circuits that are the same frequency with the same patterns we can evolve.  Until that time of enlightenment arrives we are stuck on the wheel unable to find the exit.  I want to tell you about my sister Geraldine that had four or five W-2 forms one year as she did her taxes.  Now that should tell you something right there!  She would call to tell me every day how she was being treated at work and then she would leave that job and soon I would be hearing the same story again with different names, but the very same pattern in place.  After the third job with the same story of how she was not appreciated and how she was taken advantage of and how she couldn’t believe people would act this way not paying her the correct wages.  I finally told her that I had heard the same story over and over from her and I felt strongly that a pattern was in place and she needed to look at her situation from a different angle.  Naturally she didn’t appreciate this information coming from her little sister and I couldn’t believe she didn’t see a coalition here.  She was so locked into her Victim consciousness that she wasn’t able to speak to her Victim and say, enough, I have learned all I need to learn and I am taking back my power.  It never occurred to her that she could be creating part of her problems; it was always someone or something else.   Up-date; since this time 3 years ago she has noticed her role playing with her Victim.

Once we lock into patterns and refuse to change we have set in motion cause and effect.  We are totally responsible for everything that goes on around us whether we admit it or not.  How do we escape from the trap with the piece of cheese?  Yes, it’s the same thing as locking the spring in place knowing it will come down on us and probably hurt as we experience the same piece of cheese!  It’s not because we are stupid that we keep repeating these senseless patterns!   To the observer it looks like a no-brainer.  I can’t believe he/she picked the same kind of mate again.  They keep bringing the good looking mean people home with them.  They never look past fashion when choosing a mate!  Does this sound familiar?

No one in their right mind would consciously bring illness or troubles into their life.  Why does it happen?  If you knew it was going to happen wouldn’t you stop it somehow?  How do you do it?  What is the secret of having some kind of control of your life? What if I told you its programs operating automatically that we put in place years ago.   Would you believe that your 6 year old self was in charge of an important conversation with your boss?  Would you believe that your 12 year old self just make an irrational decision with her/his spouse?  It’s the truth; we are working with the old programs every second of every day.   Your history will be in charge of your life in the present until you give yourself permission to see your patterns.

How do we change?  How do we see the markers?  To some of us they are flashing caution lights and to others we’re the moth attracted to the flame.  We are attracted to what needs to be healed within us and once we recognize the process we can do something about the outcome.  As long as we seek a solution we probably won’t find one.  When we recognize our part in the cause and effect pattern we have put in motion only then can we change our lives.  Wouldn’t it be nice to blame it on something like Aliens coming in at night and messing with our brain?  Well, until we can have rational thought and admit I had some part in this tragedy/comedy of my life it will remain the same.  You will still be trying to get that piece of cheese expecting different results from the same technique.

The process of forgiveness we have honed over the years is one road to your freedom.  You have to be part of the process as you learn to self muscle test.  We have lived in our History way too long and now its time to start living today and only today until tomorrow gets here.  Releasing the past frees you to walk without all the burdens of belief from the family tribe and outside forces.

What if I gave you the secret right now?  Would you take note and change your patterns?  What if I told you the solution was so simple you might not be willing to commit? Are you brave enough to change?  Are you willing to look at YOU from the inside-out instead of always from the outside reflection?  Now the Secret!  Don’t close your eyes; you need to see what you are doing.  Here it is the big secret of all time; you are looking for your connection to the Divine that is already in place.  (You think it’s about finding a mate or perfect job etc.)  Your Spirit is already there waiting to connect to your Soul consciously.  Can you believe it?  That’s what it’s all about!  Your Soul keeps shaking your Spirit awake bringing you lessons and patterns everyday.  The Soul wants you to know it exists.  Once you realize you are a Divine aspect of God with all the privileges of Godness and accept your gifts of Love from your Divine Creator you have completed everything you incarnated to do in this lifetime.  You have already achieved everything; realize that’s what is going on in your life.  Just because it doesn’t require a pint of blood and lots of sweat and pain doesn’t mean it won’t work!  Stop doing and start allowing!  The truly good God stuff comes easy, if we allow.

Loving you in the Light of God that never fails

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