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Staples has a very inexpensive laminated foam board for your angel that looks great, that you can purchase. Most places run specials that make it affordable for you to print copies for friends and family. I keep many of the foam board print angels handy for anyone that comes to my classes or office.

Every day is new

Every day is a new day!

Angel Painting: Angel of the Morning Star

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Alexandra’s Angels

I feel strongly that God opens doors for us at different times in our lives; times when we are ready to experience another God journey, an adventure that will be life changing somehow.  Painting Angels was one of those doors and it took years to realize why I painted all those Angels is such a short period of time–I had no idea I would be painting my journey.

Doodling and drawing is nothing new to me as I have been drawing pictures on paper and  people (tattoos on my brother’s arms) since I was a little girl.  So, it only made sense that when I found something as wonderful as watercolor while in my fifties, I would fall in love with that medium. 

Charles Taylor was a wonderfully loving and very patient art teacher that probably never understood what an impact he made on my life in his little watercolor art class.   Charles was a genius at unlocking your talents and making you comfortable with a brush in your hand.  It was magic to all of us as paintings emerged from blank pieces of watercolor paper as we followed along mimicking each of his brush strokes.   He still comes into my consciousness after all these years and I send him love and gratitude for sharing his gifts with me and the rest of the class.

One day in class we were creating our own design as we painted a color wash with ink and I proceeded to drop colors from the tip of an ink pen onto a small damp canvas, and when it dried I saw an angel trying to fly off the page . . . this Angel became my Nashville Angel, which sat atop the Nashville Skyline.   We were just playing while watching the ink change as it dropped on the damp canvas and, voila, look what showed up!  I didn’t start out thinking about creating another angel drawing, it created itself.  It surprised me when she became visible to my eyes and I immediately fell in love with all her natural hues.  I’m still amazed each time color and water comes together in a creative dance, which underlines the fact that I am the partner that is not in the lead.

Twenty/Twenty Vision

Do you ever think when looking back in time that we have twenty/twenty vision and the ability to see God’s hand at work in our world at that time?  I do!  That’s why I understand clearly now why I was painting Angels and what the message was that they were delivering to me even though I didn’t realize it at the time.  I just thought I was the messenger with a paintbrush bringing vibrational information for others that were on the same path.

The messages seemed to come through as I built a rapport with each painting and maybe you will resonate with the message as well.   God has so many ways to reach those places within us that are buried under piles of beliefs.  Let your world expand as you open your mind to new and endless possibilities with God!


Come to think of it I really didn’t paint the Angels, they painted themselves!  I’m not kidding!  Usually I just poured or sprayed water on the canvas and added colors, swishing the color around a little with my brush and watched it dry. Honest to God, that‘s all I did!    After the painting was dry, I would enhance the facial features and add some highlights, but mostly it painted itself.  When you have the time and a little color plus a heavy piece of paper, see what your angels want to show you as they fly into your life.

My “Aha” Moment!  This was the moment I realized all of the Angels were an aspect of my journey of self-realization and that I already incorporated the vibrations of truth apparent within each vibrational signature of Angelic Light that was being revealed. Thank you God, for a magnificent journey!

 Angel of the Rainbow

The aspect of all colors vibrates within all of us.  Be true to yourself and feel the Love of God vibrating within and share that Love with everyone.  She vibrates to all the colors of the rainbow with endless love.

 Lavender Blue Angel

She represents the Vibratory Frequency of Lavender.  The Crown Chakra is the doorway to connect with a Higher State of Consciousness.  Lavender Blue assists you in moving from your earthly connections to your heavenly connections.  Time to let go of out-dated programs of belief and embrace the ability to love yourself just as you are in this moment.

 Walking Angel:

Blessings on the way…this is a very loving aspect of Angelic frequency.  He tells us to open our hearts to receive love and healing.  Believe that someone is there to assist you on your journey through life and is always available to lend a helping hand and they will be!

Blue Goddess Angel

Strength, determination, confidence and boldness, mixed with the primal instinct of the Divine Feminine–these are the vibratory energies of the Blue Goddess.  She needs no one to tell her– she IS ok!

The Angel of the Morning Star

The Angel of the Morning Star brings the message that every day is a bright, new day.  You must open your heart to let the Sunshine out and then refill it with each new dawn.  Shine brightly each day!

Guardian of Protection Angel

Feel the wings of love around you as you connect to your Guardian Angel.  This ever-present Being of Light is ready to protect and guide.  Make a spoken declaration every day that you are aware of your connection to the Light of God.

 Angel of Clarity

This angel is about being able to speak your truth in any situation, with love.  She assists you in being your true self and loving you just as you are right now.  She resonates to all hues of the color blue and will assist in bringing forth justice concerning the spoken word.  If you have been wronged by another’s words or if you have wronged others with your words, you can find comfort with the Angel of Clarity as you sit quietly to find peace within.   She resonates with the throat chakra. 

Divine Masculine Angel

The Divine Masculine ray of energy is very kind and loving.  It will assist you in understanding your masculine side of power and strength, knowing that true strength is never felt as a force.

The Divine Feminine Angel

The Divine Feminine Angel bursts through the heart.  This ray of energy is very soft and loving.   The Divine Feminine aspect assists in the understanding and acceptance of the true meaning of Unconditional Love.

 World Teacher

Beloved Master Jesus has dominion over the Earth.  He and the Angels of the Christ Light are there to help with any and all things pertaining to your path.  Ask Beloved Master Jesus for help when your future looks uncertain.

 Transmutation Angel 

She is concerned with letting go of anything that is not growth oriented or has the vibration of helplessness.   She tells you that you have the power to overcome any obstacle in your world at any given time and will assist in transmuting all energies of a negative vibration, bringing you back to wholeness.   Her energy is very powerful and very dedicated.

Geranium Keepers

Earth Spirits are always busy assisting nature, remember to be thankful for the cycle of all living things.

 Dolphins in Atlantis

The ever-watchful sentinels of “The Lost Continent” send energies of Peace and Love.  The Dolphins remind us that playing is essential to our well-being.

Mary of the Heart

Her Heart melts with compassion for mankind.  She is imbued with the frequencies of sacrifice and forgiveness and teaches us to forgive with our heart instead of our head.

Christmas Angel

Experience the Joy of giving and receiving the gift of Love every day of the year.

All the angels are digital images ready for download. You can download them, print them yourself or send the file to Kinkos or Staples and they will print them on foam board or just on print copy; you have many choices. Staples has a great buy on the foam mounting you might check into.  Best resolution is 8×10 but can be enlarged. Click Here to view those images.