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We are Light Beings and have the ability to make a difference not only in our life, but in the life of many just by being REAL.  They know you by your Light, your Light goes before you and received before you arrive.  Circumstance (outcome) will be according to the instructions (intent) you sent in the Light.

One night in April a few years ago started it all as I sat completely surrounded by Light/Life Force.  I could see myself move through the energies of Light and interact with the Light.  Being so involved with the Light in the most knowing way, “by seeing it,” shifted my conscious awareness of our interaction with Light/Life Force.  As I had a thought it appeared in front of me and I recognized it as a thought form. (I was in an altered state from travel fatigue.)  With the Light projecting from my hands I sat and played with the objects in the Light.  These thirty minutes or so changed me forever in how I view my connection to this world/universe.  

Knowing I had uncovered one of the great secrets of the universe gave me a feeling of deep inner peace.  It seemed so simple to me now, all I have to do is make nice with the Light.  Be Happy!  All the programs already in my life/soul computer would take over from there.  Now remember, the clue is being happy about whatever outcome you are plugged into.  If you are happy about the outcome you can re-create or create a new outcome that makes you even happier.  The choice is up to the believer.  Oh yes, you must believe you are capable of being in charge of your own destiny and happy about your capabilities.

You only need an architects drawing of your desires, not the completed house!  Once you have the format get out of the way of ‘Your Light.’  Your intention has been placed in the Light and will create itself without any additional input from your conscious mind.  Our conscious mind is always opening the oven door to see if the cake is ready.

Have you ever said to yourself; God you never give me what I ask for!!!! I have said my prayers and you never answer them, why should I bother.   OK, you have the architects drawing of your desires; the new car, the new house, the new love in your life.  What do you do now?  You sit with your Light and send your Light into the Universal Light that connects to all Light and they will know you by your Light.  They will know you before you arrive and you will be recognized by those aware of receiving your message of Light when you appear in the flesh.  Yes, it’s that simple!  Send your Light and intent through the Light to a prospective employer if you are looking for a new job.  Be one with the Light, sending only Love and feelings of complete happiness as you connect to the lattice enveloping the world and connecting you to the Universal Light.  This is a form of prayer, but not praying.  You are connecting to the Oneness of God, the One Power.  Being still and Loving the stillness, Loving the Oneness, Loving Life right now, not tomorrow.

It’s time to take responsibility for your Dr. Frankenstein creations.  The things we have created with our dedicated intentions according to how we felt our world should turn.  Stop blaming God for not fulfilling all your dreams and wants.  Always waiting to see if God is going to give us what we have been asking before we make a commitment of faith.

You have to take responsibility for cause and effect.  If we pray with some objective or purpose in mind, we are likely to produce an effect in accordance with the cause which we set up.  But if we were to pray without an objective, solely for the realization of God, then we would not have set up a cause, and there could be no effect.  There would only be God Itself appearing as the harmony of our existence. (Joel Goldsmith)

God has already given you everything and waits for you to become an active participant in your life.  All that is necessary for us to live a full and bountiful life is believing that we are worthy of receiving all the wishes we ever had and some things we haven’t wished for as yet.  IT’S ALREADY YOURS!  God has already given you everything you are going to get.  Align to your goodness and greatness being willing to receive what is rightfully yours.  It’s already yours, waiting on your alignment.
I AM WORTHY…THANK YOU GOD…I WILL RECEIVE THE NEW JOB/HOUSE/RELATIONSHIP NOW.  It’s the mustard seed thing; just a little belief in yourself will turn your dreams into reality.


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