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Spiritual Healer-Teacher-Public Speaker in a Quantum World

I’ve been teaching healing and spiritual development since 1999, before that I catered dinners and made wedding cakes for twenty years.  Goes to show you that you never know what God has planned until the time is right.  In 1995 the time was right for change and what a change it made in my life; pineapple up-side down cake kind of change, when your pineapple on the bottom suddenly realizes it’s supposed to be on top and flips over.  Holy Cow!  It was transformational!  Night became day and nothing looked the same as it had just a few weeks before.  I kept asking, “what am I doing with my life,” is that all there is?  Once I asked the question it seemed as though a flood of information exploaded in my world and the shock wave caused a tsunami.  It was a needed and necessary catastrophy that brought change just at the right time.

These past years have been dedicated to learning and sharing the gifts God so generously blessed me with and I gratefully share them with others.  It’s a joy for me to help you recognize your gifts and how to use them creatively.  Yes, everyone has received gifts and it’s your choice to use those gifts or not.  I am positive Hitler and Attila wern’t using any of their spiritual gifts.

I have the gift to see angels and guides (and other spirits) that are around us all the time.  I encountered my first vision of a spirit guide in 1996 when I sat in a room talking to other healers.  This spirit guide (a Native American Brave) was down on one knee next to one of the guests.  He looked right at me and then disappeared.  Seeing him there in that environment seemed very natural to me at the time.

My first angel encounter was shortly after seeing the Native American Guide. She was blue in color and participated in a healing session with me.  She had a stablizing effect on the energy in the room, keeping it pure, while allowing the healing to take place.   Her energy remained long after the session ended.  I didn’t receive an audible message from her, just vibrational love.

My empathic/psychic abilities increased when I started seeing into these other realms.  About this time, I also realized that I could see inside the bodies of my clients during their healing sessions. This helped me to clear blocked or stagnate energy which accelerated the healing.

I also learned that I could travel to different physical places without leaving my living room chair.  This gift of remote viewing proved very useful when a friend asked me to check out her rental property in Cookeville.  She didn’t have time to make the drive and needed a quick look.  They had dirty dishes in the sink and needed to tidy up a little, but it looked OK for the most part.  I also helped her find her lost diamond rings which she had placed in the pocket of her fur coat.  I had a vision of something furry (like a cat) that triggered her memory of where she had placed them.

God has blessed me with the ability to teach in a simplified (and fun) way that allows the student to excel rapidly.  Together we will hold a high vibrational space that will allow you to be able to see, hear and experience your own spiritual gifts.  Always ask questions and keep an open mind and never accept things at face value, especially if someone is telling you this is the way you should believe.

To work in a quantum spiritual world, you have to switch gears and allow yourself to become familiar with the unfamiliar.  If you stay where you are, you will never get there.  You have to give up your grasp on what you think your reality is, because it’s not real, it’s illusion.  Even if you only believe it can happen, you are almost there.  With an open mind and loving heart, you can achieve anything that you desire.

Light experience after my trip to Pakistan April 2008: Have you ever had a moment in time when everything seemed normal until it was over?  After our 30 hour journey to Nashville from Pakistan I was tired beyond description.   Here is what happened as I sat in my living room exhausted and unable to go to sleep.  At the time I didn’t realize I was in an altered state of consciousness.

I see Light around people and hear voices from the other side.  Unusual Light is what I am accustomed to working with in my healing practice.  What I experienced on that April evening was seeing all Light working together in a cohesive manner.  There is established Light, “Life Force Energy,” that is in place connecting everything.   Directed Light moves within this Life Force Energy. (The Life Force Energy didn’t seem to move.) Seeing the presence of Life Force Energy around me made me aware of how it all works.  I received an understanding of how we are connected and how the energetic streams of information connect to all Universal Light.

While sitting in my pink wingback chair and notice my hands are alive with energy and Light projecting ten or more inches from each finger and palm.  I can see through the Light that connects me to everything, in my altered state I think, Wow, this is what Life Force looks like.  The Light is everywhere in the room, not just around me and there are different degrees of Light interacting inside the Life Force Energy. As I move my hand around my body I see the Light around me move and take form according to whatever my perception of the moment may be.  I can see the building of a thought form directly in front of me that looks like thick white smoke and as I place my hand into the thought form I disturb the placement, but it moves back into place when I remove my hand.  I repeated this a few times to see what would happen.  It was the image of our outside dogs that had greeted me so robustly when I returned home.  They were just sitting at my feet.  I remembered thinking how glad I was to see them.  I didn’t know you would carry a common everyday experience like this in your energy field until that evening.

The Light flowing from my hands connected to all the Light around me as it was touched.  Seeing the Oriental rug on my floor change to molecules was quite entertaining as I looked through the layers and interacted with the substance in the Light.  The Life Force Energy around me looked like a thick blanket that clung to my hands and changed the clothes I was wearing.  It was interesting to see the fabric of my black slacks change into little patterns of Light that would interact with the Light from my hands.  Everything in the room was connected and woven together in such a fashion that is hard to describe.  The thickness of it all was the most astounding thing to see.  There was no space between anything.  Everything was attached to or meshed to everything else around me.  Trillions of little geometric shapes held everything together.

Why can’t we see this fabric of Light that seems thick enough to cut with a knife all the time?  I don’t know!  I do know however that it exists and is in place every moment in time.   It all seemed so surreal and connecting with the Light was the thing to do at that moment.

More about Alexandra:

Quantum Touch Practitioner
Reconnective Practitioner
Light body Attunement Practitioner
Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher IV
Workshop Facilitator
Polarity Instructor
Workshop Facilitator (Clearing the Chakras, Reiki Training etc.)
Public Speaker/Humorist
Call Alexandra to motivate your group with humor and healing

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am the director of TN Paranormal, one of TN’s largest paranormal organizations. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra and having a reading with her. I left feeling better, enlightened, and overall healthier. I went to her with a medical ailment I had been suffering with for three months and since I met with her, the pain associated with it has virtually dissappeared (for the time being). Alexandra is a beautifully gifted person, both in readings and her knowledge of the art of Reiki. I will definitely return for future visits… and I hope to one day have time to sit in on her classes! – highly recommended.

  2. Alexandra, I just want to thank you and let you know the results of our session. As you know i was having panic attacks driving and had not driven since last August. I am driving and enjoying it now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  3. I went to see Alexandra, on my birthday this year, for the first time. Admittedly, I am very skeptical about people who talk of involvement in healing arts or spirit work. Immediately upon entering her home, I knew that I was safe, and I trusted her. Alexander provide provided a nurturing, loving environment for healing. We had a very meaningful conversation time before the actual healing session began, with tea, and lemon poppyseed poundcake. She is a gracious host, indeed! Post session, my chest was clear, my body relaxed, and I felt so light. She helped me remove some serious blocks to my spirit. I am plugged back in to The Source. Alexandra also gave me a wonderful recording of the session for meditation purposes, and I listen to it regularly for positive reinforcement. This was a life-changing experience, and I will never be the same. I haven’t felt this good, or felt this much “myself” since I was a small child! So much love in my heart, so much love radiating. And I feel my direction now; I feel God’s guidance now. Alexandra helped me remember that truly anything is possible, and I believe with all my heart now that I am on the right path. As I am plugged back into The Source, I see spirit energies more regularly and clearly now, and my awareness is more attuned than ever. I can’t recommend her enough. This is a woman with authentic Spirit gifts to help in healing the wounded soul. I’m so grateful for this experience with Alexandra! My cup runneth over! Thank you, again, Alexandra, for the wonderful experience.

  4. Meredith, Thank you for your kind words, I feel blessed and connected to that available Power Source that we can all plug into. My Joy is to assist a beautiful Light such as yours to know your full Spiritual Power. Blessings to you today and always.
    Love and Light…Alexandra

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