A Vision During The Meditation, Prayer Chant

This is the vision I saw yesterday during our meditation/prayer in the group circle.

There were a huge group of seagulls circling over the Gulf and they were creating a vortex like spiral over the spill. Next I saw pure white light vortexes being creating in around the edges of the spill in a circle that grew until it covered the entire spill and connected with the seagull vortex that was sucking all the oil out. Next the dolphins and whales created a geometric grid around the spill that turned into the Flower of Life pattern and then it all went blinding white and then the ocean was totally pristine and all the oil was gone. Next the coastline was touched with divine white light and continued around it until all the oil was gone. Then the ocean floor at the spill; the cracks sealed with this white light. I felt a very beautiful energy while all this was happening.

I look forward to hearing what others saw.



Gary Hoffman

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